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Abstracts online early

A rapid post-disaster surveillance model enabled outbreak detection and healthcare response following earthquakes on Kefalonia Island, Greece, February-May 2014
C Silvestros, K Mellou, C Williams, E Triantafyllou, G Rigakos, E Papoutsidou, K Tsekou, S Likiardopoulos, G Pantelios, G Kouris, G Christodoulakis, T Georgakopoulou, E Velonakis, C Hadjichristodoulou and Y Tselentis
(5 December 2016,  Original Research)

Balancing safety and harm for older adults with dementia in rural emergency departments: health care professionals’ perspectives
KF Hunter, B Parke, M Babb, D Forbes and L Strain
(8 November 2016,  Original Research)

Developing a grounded theory for interprofessional collaboration acquisition using facilitator and actor perspectives in simulated wilderness medical emergencies
HA Smith, M Reade, M Marion and N Jeeves
(4 December 2016,  Project Report)

Diagnosis of osteoporosis in rural Arctic Greenland: a clinical case using plain chest radiography for secondary prevention and consideration of tools for primary prevention in remote areas
I Fleischer, LK Schæbel, N Albertsen, VN Sørensen and S Andersen
(4 October 2016,  Clinical Case Report)

Examination of cardiovascular risk factors and rurality in Appalachian children
CL Lilly, A Umer, L Cottrell, L Pyles and W Neal
(4 December 2016,  Original Research)

Health care in high school athletics in West Virginia
K Schneider, W Meeteer, JA Nolan and H Campbell
(3 November 2016,  Original Research)

Long-term morbidity and mortality in survivors of critical illness: a 5-year observational follow-up study
PJ Secombe and P Stewart
(18 October 2016,  Original Research)

Predictors of remote practice location in the first seven cohorts of James Cook University MBBS graduates
T Woolley, T Sen Gupta and M Bellei
(3 October 2016,  Original Research)

Remote eye care screening for rural veterans with Technology-based Eye Care Services: a quality improvement project
AY Maa, B Wojciechowski, K Hunt, C Dismuke, R Janjua and MG Lynch
(27 September 2016,  Clinical Case Report)

Residing in economically distressed rural Appalachia is independently associated with excess body weight in college students
DA Abshire, TA Lennie, GT Mudd-Martin and DK Moser
(4 December 2016,  Original Research)

Strengthening the rural dietetics workforce: examining early effects of the Northern Ontario Dietetic Internship Program on recruitment and retention
ME Hill, D Raftis and P Wakewich
(6 September 2016,  Original Research)

Training generalist doctors for rural practice in New Zealand
G Nixon, K Blattner, M Williamson, P McHugh and J Reid
(29 November 2016,  Commentary)

Translating agricultural health and medicine education across the Pacific: a United States and Australian comparison study
SA Brumby, J Ruldolphi, D Rohlman and KJ Donham
(16 December 2016,  Original Research)

Women’s health care: the experiences and behaviors of rural and urban lesbians in the USA
K Barefoot, JC Warren and K Smalley
(31 October 2016,  Original Research)

Current Issue

Original Research

A national analysis of dental waiting lists and point-in-time geographic access to subsidised dental care: can geographic access be improved by offering public dental care through private dental clinics?
Y Dudko, E Kruger and M Tennant
(12 January 2017,  Article No. 3814)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Disparities in dental health of rural Australians: hospitalisation rates and utilisation of public dental services in three communities in North Queensland
K Carlisle, S Larkins and F Croker
(11 January 2017,  Article No. 3807)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Short Communication

Avian influenza prevalence among hunter-harvested birds in a remote Canadian First Nation community
EN Liberda, R Meldrum, NA Charania, R Davey and LJS Tsuji
(11 January 2017,  Article No. 3864)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

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