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A framework for developing rural academic general practices: a qualitative case study in rural Victoria
JB Brown, T Morrison, M Bryant, L Kassell and D Nestel
(6 November 2014,  Original Research)

Advocating for Fijians with communication disability
SC Hopf and S McLeod
(28 February 2015,  Original Research)

An Examination of Retention Factors among Registered Practical Nurses in Northeastern Ontario, Canada
B Nowrouzi, E Rukholm, M Larivière, L Carter, I Koren and O Miana
(27 October 2014,  Original Research)

Antenatal care and women’s birthing decisions in an Indonesian setting: does location matter?
A Ansariadi and L Manderson
(19 November 2014,  Original Research)

Can frequent medical evacuations be reduced by managing chronic disease better in the bush?
M Moore and S Kirby
(22 January 2015,  Comment)

Characteristics of Japanese medical students associated with their intention for rural practice
R Kawamoto, A Uemoto, D Ninomiya, Y Hasegawa, N Ohtsuka, T Kusunoki, T Kumagi and M Abe
(25 November 2014,  Original Research)

Chronic adverse effects of long-term exposure of children to Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) through indoor residual spraying: a systematic review
AO Osunkentan and D Evans
(18 October 2014,  Review Article)

Colonoscopy in rural communities: a systematic review of the frequency and quality
DV Evans, AM Cole and TE Norris
(18 October 2014,  Original Research)

Comparison of rates of emergency department procedures and critical diagnoses in metropolitan and rural hospitals
JR Waymack, S Markwell, JC Milbrandt and TR Clark
(14 April 2015,  Original Research)

Control of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam: voices from the human-animal interface
PC Farrell, C Hunter, B Truong and M Bunning
(22 December 2014,  Original Research)

Determining the competences of community based workers for disability-inclusive development in rural areas of South Africa, Botswana and Malawi
T Lorenzo, E van Pletzen and M Booyens
(15 October 2014,  Original Research)

Do rural and urban women experience differing rates of maternal rehospitalizations?
W Lee, CD Phillips , RL Ohsfeldt and L Jiang
(14 April 2015,  Original Research)

Effect of rural practice observation on the anxiety of medical students
S Aydin, F Yaris, MF Dikici and F Artiran Igde
(8 October 2014,  Original Research)

Examining palliative care program use and place of death in rural and urban contexts: A Canadian population-based study using linked data
M Lavergne, L Lethbridge, G Johnston, D Henderson, A D’Intino and P McIntyre
(27 October 2014,  Original Research)

Factors affecting the work of physicians in rural areas
S Mollahaliloğlu, Ö Uğurluoğlu, O Işık, M Kosdak and S Taşkaya
(19 March 2015,  Original Research)

Feasibility of a rural palliative supportive service
B Pesut, BP Hooper, CA Robinson, JL Bottorff, R Sawatzky and M Dalhuisen
(25 September 2014,  Original Research)

Grandparent caregiving among rural African Americans in a community in the American South: challenges to health and well-being
EN Clottey, AJ Scott and ML Alfonso
(14 April 2015,  Original Research)

Health Care Costs and Outcomes for Pediatric Inpatients with Bronchiolitis: Comparison of Urban versus Rural Hospitals
BS Hsu, BD Meyer and S Lakhani
(13 December 2014,  Letter to the Editor)

Impact of Rurality on Maternal and Infant Health Indicators and Outcomes in Maine
DE Harris, A Aboueissa, N Baugh and C Sarton
(6 February 2015,  Original Research)

Impact of rurality on the oral health status of 6 year- old children from central Chile, the EpiMaule study.
RA Giacaman, IP Bustos, V Bravo-León and RJ Mariño
(19 November 2014,  Original Research)

Impact of the Northern Studies Stream and Rehabilitation Studies Programs on Recruitment and Retention to Rural/ Remote Practice: 2002-2010
CS Winn, BA Chisholm, JA Hummelbrunner, J Tryssenaar and LS Kandler
(20 January 2015,  Original Research)

Methodology for listening to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia about pandemic influenza
A Miller, PD Massey, J Judd, J Kelly, DN Durrheim, AR Clough, R Speare and S Saggers
(2 March 2015,  Original Research)

Myocardial infarction in a patient with hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia in a remote location
C Dospinescu, A Simpson and SJ Leslie
(8 January 2015,  Clinical Case Report)

Occupational therapy: what does this look like practised in very remote Indigenous areas?
F Pidgeon
(4 September 2014,  Personal View)

Portable Power Supply Options for Positive Airway Pressure Devices in Unusual Circumstances
M Riaz, V Certal and M Camacho
(3 March 2015,  Short Communication)

Quality assessment of primary care for common mental disorders in isolated communities: taking advantage of health records
L Lessard, L Fournier, J Gauthier and D Morin
(11 December 2014,  Original Research)

Re-orienting a remote acute care model towards a primary health care approach: key enablers
V Carroll, CA Reeve, JS Humphreys, J Wakerman and M Carter
(28 February 2015,  Original Research)

Regional disparities in cancer mortality across the rural-urban axis: a case study from NE Greece
C Nikolaidis, I Tentes, T Lialiaris, TC Constantinidis and A Kortsaris
(23 March 2015,  Original Research)

Relationship between income generating activities of rural women and their reproductive health behavior in Bangladesh
S Shariful Islam and A Mainuddin
(19 March 2015,  Original Research)

Risk factors for work-related injury among farm workers: a one-year study
AI Molineri, ML Signorini and HD Tarabla
(13 October 2014,  Original Research)

Road traffic crashes in the Solomon Islands 1993-2012: data from the Orthopaedic Department at the National Referral Hospital, Honiara
MJ Stewart, J Negin, P Farrell, P Houasia, AB Munamua and A Martiniuk
(28 February 2015,  Original Research)

Telehealth can bridge the gap for rural veterans
A Win
(20 January 2015,  Commentary)

The Fly-in Fly-out and Drive-in Drive-out model of health care service provision for rural and remote Australia: Benefits and disadvantages
R Hussain, M Ma, SV Hunter, V Mapedzahama and P Reddy
(24 November 2014,  Review Article)

The untapped potential of low cost smartphone evidence based application for smokeless tobacco cessation”
G Sharma and A Nagpal
(11 March 2015,  Letter to the Editor)

Urban-rural disparities in nutritional status of school adolescent girls in Mizan district, Southwest Ethiopia
TB Moshago, MM Wondafrash and AA Argaw
(17 March 2015,  Research Note)

Use of Plastinated Specimens in Secondary Teaching Hospitals – A Novel Solution
S Kalipatnapu, IJ Prithishkumar and S Rabi
(30 January 2015,  Letter to the Editor)

Using cultural immersion as the platform for teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health in an undergraduate medical curriculum
JD Smith, C Wolfe, S Springer, M Martin, J Togno, KA Bramstead, S Sargeant and B Murphy
(28 February 2015,  Original Research)

Weather and Health: The voice of rural Australia
FY Ng, LA Wilson and C Veitch
(9 December 2014,  Original Research)

Current Issue

Original Research

Satisfaction with local exercise facility: a rural-urban comparison in China
J Zheng and R An
(8 April 2015,  Article No. 2990)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Attitudes and characteristics of health professionals working in Aboriginal health
AM Wilson, AM Magarey, M Jones, K O'Donnell and J Kelly
(30 March 2015,  Article No. 2739)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Employment experiences of immigrant workers in aged care in regional South Australia
K Goel and J Penman
(23 March 2015,  Article No. 2693)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Factors influencing the geographic distribution of physicians in Iran: a qualitative study
H Ravaghi, E Taati, Z Abdi, A Meshkini and S Sarvarizadeh
(21 March 2015,  Article No. 2967)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Types of homes and ways of life: a territorial analysis of the environmental determinants that factor into the proliferation of malaria vectors in the rural region of Allada in Benin
B Lysaniuk, R Ladsous, M Tabeaud, G Cottrell, C Pennetier and A Garcia
(12 March 2015,  Article No. 2696)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Knowledge and perceptions of tobacco-related media in rural Appalachia
SA Branstetter, E Lengerich, M Dignan and J Muscat
(8 March 2015,  Article No. 3136)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Exploration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives of Home Medicines Review
LS Swain and L Barclay
(25 February 2015,  Article No. 3009)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Perceptions of housing conditions among migrant farmworkers and their families: implications for health, safety and social policy
J Keim-Malpass, CR Spears Johnson, SA Quandt and TA Arcury
(13 February 2015,  Article No. 3076)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Analysis of barriers to adoption of buprenorphine maintenance therapy by family physicians
JR DeFlavio, SA Rolin, BR Nordstrom and LA Kazal, Jr
(4 February 2015,  Article No. 3019)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Developing a culturally competent, sustainable rural model for diabetes prevention
LK Johnson and SA Denham
(4 February 2015,  Article No. 3031)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Review Article

Role of the nurse in returning birth to the North
AL Wright
(25 February 2015,  Article No. 3109)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Project Report

A rural, community-based suicide awareness and intervention program
S Jones, C Walker, ACJ Miles, E De Silva and C Zimitat
(2 April 2015,  Article No. 2972)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Letter to the Editor

Appropriate nomenclature: angiotensin II receptors
A D'Amore and EKL Mitchell
(14 April 2015,  Article No. 3150)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Halter traction for cervical spine injuries – initial treatment in the district hospital
O Johnson Jr and RN Das
(20 February 2015,  Article No. 3082)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Targeted survey as a method to rationalize priorities for a strategy to improve eye health in rural Uganda
A Hamilton and S Richter
(20 February 2015,  Article No. 2783)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

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