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Abstracts online early

Access to chlamydia testing in remote and rural Scotland
KE Hawkins, L Thompson and P Wilson
(17 November 2015,  Original Research)

Are medical students satisfied with rural community posting? A survey among final year students in medical schools of south-eastern Nigeria
EN Ossai, BN Azuogu, KA Uwakwe, UC Anyanwagu, NC Ibiok and N Ekeke
(2 February 2016,  Original Research)

Barriers around access to abortion experienced by rural women in New South Wales, Australia
FM Doran and J Hornibrook
(7 December 2015,  Original Research)

Can a 'rural day' make a difference to GP shortage across rural Germany?
E Flum, K Goetz, S Berger, T Ledig and J Steinhaeuser
(18 January 2016,  Project Report)

Diabetes knowledge and self-efficacy among rural women in Gujarat, India
NV Mehta, M Trivedi, L Maldonado, D Saxena and DL Humphries
(2 December 2015,  Original Research)

Influence of the New Cooperative Medical Scheme on hospitalization cost of patients with nephrotic syndrome in rural China
S Zhang, Y Wang, W Guo, X Yang, Z Hu and T Peng
(2 December 2015,  Short Communication)

James Cook University’s decentralised medical training model: an important part of the rural workforce pipeline in northern Australia
T Woolley, T Sen Gupta and R Murray
(23 November 2015,  Original Research)

Paediatric neurological melioidosis: a rehabilitation case report
ME White, J Hunt, C Connell and K Langdon
(9 December 2015,  Clinical Case Report)

Peer support for people with chronic conditions in rural areas: a scoping review
HM Lauckner and SL Hutchinson
(17 November 2015,  Review Article)

Supporting nurses’ transition to rural healthcare environments through mentorship
NK Rohatinsky and S Jahner
(9 December 2015,  Original Research)

Use of point-of-care tests among general practitioners: a cross-sectional study in Saxony, Germany
T Frese, K Scheller, T Deutsch, GL Schmid and H Sandholzer
(7 February 2016,  Original Research)

Current Issue

Original Research

Recruitment and retention of physicians in rural Alberta: the spousal perspective
L Myroniuk, P Adamiak, S Bajaj and DL Myhre
(9 February 2016,  Article No. 3620)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Doctors as street-level bureaucrats in a rural hospital in South Africa
BM Gaede
(4 February 2016,  Article No. 3461)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Heterosexual female adolescents’ decision-making about sexual intercourse and pregnancy in rural Ontario, Canada
P Ezer, B Leipert, M Evans and S Regan
(30 January 2016,  Article No. 3664)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Mapping the Quebec dental workforce: ranking rural oral health disparities
E Emami, M Khiyani, C Habra, V Chassé and PH Rompré
(27 January 2016,  Article No. 3630)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Telenephrology application in rural and remote areas of Jordan: benefits and impact on quality of life
R AlAzab and Y Khader
(7 January 2016,  Article No. 3646)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Geographic scope and accessibility of a centralized, electronic consult program for patients with recent fracture
RH Lee, M Pearson, KW Lyles, PW Jenkins and C Colon-Emeric
(7 January 2016,  Article No. 3440)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Policy Report

Scotland’s GP Rural Fellowship: an initiative that has impacted on rural recruitment and retention
R MacVicar, G Clarke and DR Hogg
(15 January 2016,  Article No. 3550)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Project Report

Hub and spoke model: making rural healthcare in India affordable, available and accessible
S Devarakonda
(3 February 2016,  Article No. 3476)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

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