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'We Desperately Need Some Help Here' Expert Legal Providers Experiences with Sexually-Assaulted Females in Rural Communities
SL Annan
(17 December 2013,  Original Research)

Building a stronger child dental health system in Australia: Statistical sampling masks the burden of dental disease distribution in Australian children
M Tennant and E Kruger
(23 March 2014,  Original Research)

Challenges of hepatitis C treatment in Native Americans in two North Dakota medical facilities
S Hossain, S Jalil, DM Guerrero and AE Sahmoun
(8 April 2014,  Short Communication)

Community preparedness for highly pathogenic Avian influenza on Bali and Lombok, Indonesia
C Hunter, HH Birden, J Toribio, R Booy, M Abdurrahman, AI.G.A.A. Ambarawati and I Adiputra
(26 March 2014,  Original Research)

Cultural immersion while studying MSK: faculty analysis of distributed medical education in Aboriginal communities
GL Hudson and M Maar
(3 April 2014,  Project Report)

Dental practitioner rural work movements: a systematic review
DM Godwin, H Hoang, LA Crocombe and E Bell
(4 December 2013,  Review Article)

E-Health readiness in outback communities: an exploratory study
F Schwarz, J Ward and S Willcock
(26 February 2014,  Original Research)

Effect of tele-emergency services on recruitment and retention of rural US healthcare providers
AJ Potter, KJ Mueller, AClinton Mackinney and MM Ward
(3 December 2013,  Original Research)

Establishing sustainable performance-based incentive schemes: views of rural health workers from qualitative research in three sub-Saharan African countries
M Yé, GA Aninanya, A Sié, DCV Kakoko, S Chatio, M Kagoné, H Prytherch, S Loukanova, JE Williams and R Sauerborn
(2 April 2014,  Original Research)

Explore factors influencing initiation and continuation of breastfeeding among Hispanic women living in rural settings: a multi-methods study
A Joshi, KE Trout, T Aguirre and S Wilhelm
(12 February 2014,  Original Research)

Exploring the relationship between socioeconomic status and dog-bite injuries through spatial analysis
M Raghavan, PJ. Martens and C Burchill
(19 December 2013,  Original Research)

Extreme nursing: a qualitative assessment of nurse retention in a remote setting
MG deValpine
(2 January 2014,  Original Research)

Extrinsic and intrinsic factors impacting on the retention of older rural healthcare workers in the north Victorian public sector: a qualitative study
J Warburton*, ML Moore, SJ Clune and SP Hodgkin
(20 January 2014,  Original Research)

Factors influencing knowledge and practice of hygiene in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programme areas of Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee
T Akter and AMehrab Ali
(18 December 2013,  Original Research)

Fatty acids composition and food consumption among reindeer herdings and urban inhabitants of the European north of Russia
AYu Lyudinina, TV Eseva, NN Potolitsyna, AA Chernykh and ER Bojko
(20 January 2014,  Original Research)

Healthcare utilization and prescription of opioids in low-income rural residents with chronic pain in southeastern USA
S Kapoor and BE Thorn
(20 February 2014,  Original Research)

Impact of an inter-professional education program on developing skilled graduates who are well equipped to practice in rural and underserved areas
R Mpofu, PS Daniels, T Adonis and WM Karuguti
(10 March 2014,  Original Research)

Interprofessional learning and rural paramedic care
P Mulholland, T Barnett and J Spencer
(8 November 2013,  Review Article)

Knowledge and perceptions of Chagas disease in a rural Honduran community
SD Donovan, M Stevens, K Sanogo and G Bearman
(14 March 2014,  Original Research)

Lessons learned: feasibility and acceptability of a telehealth delivered exercise intervention for rural-dwelling individuals with dementia and their caregivers
VP.M. Dal Bello-Haas, ME O’Connell, DG. Morgan and M Crossley
(26 November 2013,  Original Research)

Mount Isa Statement on Quad Bike Safety
RC Franklin, S Knight and T Lower
(29 January 2014,  Policy Report)

Nurses' experiences providing palliative care to individuals living in rural communities: aspects of the physical residential setting
S Kaasalainen, K Brazil, A Williams, D Wilson, K Willison, D Marshall, A Taniguchi and C Phillips
(20 January 2014,  Original Research)

Post-retirement intentions of nurses and midwives living and working in the Northern Territory of Australia
K Voit and DB Carson
(30 January 2014,  Original Research)

Prevalence of presbyopia in a rural African community
JN Uche, IR Ezegwui, E Uche, EN Onwasigwe, RE Umeh and CN Onwasigwe
(11 December 2013,  Original Research)

Publish or perish: Strategies to help rural early career researchers increase publication output
J Johnston, S Wilson, E Rix and SW Pit
(10 March 2014,  Short Communication)

Rural and remote dementia care challenges and needs: perspectives of formal and informal care providers residing in Saskatchewan, Canada
VP.M. Dal Bello-Haas, A Cammer, D Morgan, N Stewart and J Kosteniuk
(27 January 2014,  Original Research)

Rural and urban disparities in quality of life and health-related behaviors among chronically ill patients
D Kurpas, B Mroczek and D Bielska
(19 December 2013,  Original Research)

Stress and wellbeing among Turkish and German adolescents living in rural and urban areas
I Yeresyan and A Lohaus
(8 January 2014,  Original Research)

The experience of living with a traumatic hand injury in a rural and remote location: An interpretive phenomenological study
GA Kingston, D Judd and MA Gray
(20 January 2014,  Original Research)

The value of best practice guidelines for OSCEs in a postgraduate program in an Australian remote area setting
CA Jeffrey, ML Mitchell, A Henderson, S Lenthall, S Knight, P Glover, M Kelly, D Nulty and M Groves
(29 January 2014,  Original Research)

Unfreezing the Flexnerian Model: Introducing Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships in Rural Communities
RG Bing-You, RL Trowbridge, C Kruithoff and JL Daggett, Jr
(29 January 2014,  Original Research)

Current Issue


Adventures in rural and remote health services innovation: the role of researcher as collaborator
JG Kosteniuk, DG Morgan, J Bracken and P Kessler
(8 January 2014,  Article No. 2898)
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Original Research

Investigating factors of self-care orientation and self-medication use in a Greek rural area
M Papakosta, D Zavras and D Niakas
(8 April 2014,  Article No. 2349)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Household practices of mothers regarding neonatal care in rural & urban settings of the capital district of Azad Jammu & Kashmir
I Gilani and ZA Kayani
(5 April 2014,  Article No. 2503)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Health priorities in an Australian mining town: an intercept survey
IK Ellis, TC Skinner, A Bhana, N Voon and K Longley
(4 April 2014,  Article No. 2788)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Effectiveness of female community health volunteers in the detection and management of low-birth-weight in Nepal
S Amano, BP Shrestha, SS Chaube, M Higuchi, DS Manandhar, D Osrin, A Costello and N Saville
(28 March 2014,  Article No. 2508)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Promoting resilience and wellbeing through an outdoor intervention designed for Aboriginal adolescents
SD Ritchie, M Wabano, K Russell, L Enosse and NL Young
(26 March 2014,  Article No. 2523)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Linking parent perceptions of children’s weight to early coronary risk factors: results from the CARDIAC Project
ME Stabler, L Cottrell and C Lilly
(21 March 2014,  Article No. 2719)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Positive impacts on rural and regional workforce from the first seven cohorts of James Cook University medical graduates
T Sen Gupta, T Woolley, R Murray, R Hays and T McCloskey
(20 March 2014,  Article No. 2657)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Management of type 2 diabetes: Australian rural and remote general practitioners’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices
I Thepwongsa, C Kirby, C Paul and L Piterman
(9 March 2014,  Article No. 2499)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Development of the Nursing Community Apgar Questionnaire (NCAQ): a rural nurse recruitment and retention tool
MV Prengaman, JL Bigbee, E Baker and DF Schmitz
(4 March 2014,  Article No. 2633)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Relationship between COPD and lower socioeconomic status in farmers from south-eastern Poland (Lublin region)
M Golec, C Skórska, B Mackiewicz, J Dutkiewicz, A Góra, M Lemieszek and J Milanowski
(3 March 2014,  Article No. 2531)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Hope of rural women caregivers of persons with advanced cancer: guilt, self-efficacy and mental health
WD Duggleby, A Williams, L Holstlander, R Thomas, D Cooper, LK Hallstrom, S Ghosh and H O-Rourke
(3 March 2014,  Article No. 2561)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Successful mobile phone network-based approach to integration of the health care system in rural Laos: strengthening lay health worker performance
D Nonaka, T Pongvongsa, F Nishimoto, P Nansounthavong, J Hongwei, A Vongsouvanh, K Moji, P Phongmany and J Kobayashi
(18 February 2014,  Article No. 2588)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Rural rehabilitation practice: perspectives of occupational therapists and physical therapists in British Columbia, Canada
RK Roots, H Brown, L Bainbridge and LC Li
(17 February 2014,  Article No. 2506)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Early career location of University of Adelaide rural cohort medical students
E Jamar, J Newbury and D Mills
(10 February 2014,  Article No. 2592)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Health-science students’ self-efficacy, social support, and intention to work in rural areas of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic
K Theppanya, N Suwannapong and N Howteerakul
(4 February 2014,  Article No. 2530)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Examining the relationship between communities’ 'age-friendliness' and life satisfaction and self-perceived health in rural Manitoba, Canada
VH Menec and S Nowicki
(18 January 2014,  Article No. 2594)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Referral by outreach specialist reduces hospitalisation costs of rural patients with digestive tract cancer: a report from medical consortium in China
G Shi, B Zhou, Z Cai, T Wu, X Li and W Xu
(14 January 2014,  Article No. 2317)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Examination of the use of complementary and alternative medicine in Central Appalachia, USA
D Nguyen, P Gavaza, L Hollon and R Nicholas
(8 January 2014,  Article No. 2484)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Review Article

Suicide and accidental death in Australia’s rural farming communities: a review of the literature
AJ Kennedy, MJ Maple, K McKay and SA Brumby
(20 February 2014,  Article No. 2517)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Prevalence of hypertension in rural populations from Ibero-America and the Caribbean
AA Díaz and MF Tringler
(25 January 2014,  Article No. 2591)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Short Communication

Factors affecting recruitment and retention of rehabilitation professionals in Northern Ontario, Canada: a cross-sectional study
CS Winn, BA Chisholm and JA Hummelbrunner
(9 April 2014,  Article No. 2619)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Development, income transfer strategies, and the nutritional transition in Brazilian children from a rural and remote region
DA Freitas, ÁA Sousa and KM Jones
(7 March 2014,  Article No. 2632)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Infant abusive head trauma prevention: acceptability of the Period of PURPLE Crying® program in far north Queensland, Australia
A Stephens, M Kaltner and W Liley
(3 March 2014,  Article No. 2603)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Project Report

Community-based first aid: a program report on the intersection of community-based participatory research and first aid education in a remote Canadian Aboriginal community
D VanderBurgh, R Jamieson, J Beardy, SD Ritchie and A Orkin
(15 April 2014,  Article No. 2537)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Building capacity in the rural physiotherapy workforce: a paediatric training partnership
EN Williams and JM McMeeken
(23 March 2014,  Article No. 2475)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Blended distance education program for junior doctors working in rural hospitals in India
R Vyas, A Zacharah, I Swamidasan, P Doris and I Harris
(11 March 2014,  Article No. 2420)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]


Tribute to the life of Professor Ratie Mpofu
T Adonis, PS Daniels and D Gahiza
(5 February 2014,  Article No. 3001)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Letter to the Editor

Low prevalence of ischemic heart disease in rural coastal Ecuador: an issue of high mortality rate?
E Peñaherrera, F Pow-Chon-Long and OH Del Brutto
(16 February 2014,  Article No. 2623)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

Book Review

Rural Nursing: Concepts, Theory and Practice, 4th edn
JT Anderson
(25 January 2014,  Article No. 2702)
[Abstract] [Full Text] [Print Version] [Author Details] [Cited by]

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