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The right staffing mix for inpatient care in rural multi-purpose service health facilities

Submitted: 21 October 2013
Revised: 15 May 2014
Accepted: 16 May 2014
Published: 3 December 2014

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Author(s) : Malone LM, Anderson JK.

Linda MaloneJudith Anderson

Citation: Malone LM, Anderson JK.  The right staffing mix for inpatient care in rural multi-purpose service health facilities. Rural and Remote Health (Internet) 2014; 14: 2881. Available: (Accessed 19 October 2017)


Context:  The Multipurpose Service (MPS) model has been in existence in rural and remote Australia for more than 20 years yet there is little guidance about developing an appropriate staffing structure.
Issues:  Managers of these facilities face issues related to isolation, safety, funding models and the need to provide a variety of services with limited resources and staffing. Because MPS are designed to meet unique community needs, a single staffing structure is not suitable for every site. Managers need to consider these issues in order to determine the most effective staffing structure for their particular environment.
Lessons learned:  Issues and concerns for managers are highlighted including discussion which may enhance the ability of managers to make appropriate decisions for their unique site.

Key words: Australia, career and education pathways, Multipurpose Service program, staffing model.

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