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About the Latin American section

Latin American Regional Editor

Leonardo Vieira Targa is a rural family physician working in south Brazil. He is also Professor of Medicine, Faculty on Caxias do Sul University (primary health care/family medicine) and preceptor and founder of the rural medical internship program. Leonardo has a Masters in Social Anthropology, and is a member and representative of the IberoAmerican Confederation of Family Medicine of Working Party on Rural Practice of WONCA (World Family Doctors Association). He is President of the AGMFC (South Brazilian Regional Association of Family Medicine), and co-founder and immediate past coordinator of the Brazilian Working Party on Rural Medicine (Brazilian Family and Community Medicine Society). Leonardo brings to the journal a broad understanding of rural health in Latin America, including experience in Indigenous health in the Amazon region.

Paul Worley, Executive Director Medical Services for Country Health South Australia Local Health Network and former Dean of the School of Medicine at Flinders University, is the Editor-in-Chief of Rural and Remote Health. Paul is a practicing rural doctor and, as Editor, shapes and guides the journal, oversees the review process and supports and advises authors, taking an active interest in the progress of each article in production.

Senior Editor
Melbourne-based Melissa Storey offers expert editorial assistance to authors at each stage in the publication process. Melissa assists authors with submissions, corrections and publication, and coordinates the editing of accepted papers to academic publishing standards. Melissa is responsible for editorial development and generates information for authors.

Journal Manager
Jenny Bigelow has been with the journal for 3 years. She works from Geelong, Victoria, and deals with the day-to-day running of the journal. She manages the smooth flow of articles through the publication process and coordinates development of the journal site. She is also involved in formatting articles, tables and graphics for Web publication and is available to advise authors and answer user queries. She is the friendly response from the ejrh email address.

Latin American Editorial Panel

The members of the editorial board are as follows:
Paul Worley (Australia)
Regional Editor
Leonardo Vieira Targa (South America)
Associate Editor
Ian Couper (South Africa)
Rural Health Status
DORA BERNAL (Colombia)
Rural Health Education
Magda Almeida (BRAZIL)
Carlos Becerra (CHILE)
Rural Health Practice
Nilson Massakazu Ando (Brasil)
Arturo Serrano (Argentina)