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AMD Telemedicine, Inc.
Worldwide leading supplier of medical devices and related peripherals used in telemedicine. With over 2000 installations in forty countries, AMD has the experience and expertise to service all of your "connected" medical device needs in a technologically complex world. Our staff is trained in technologies such as network computing (Ethernets, extranets, LANs and WANs), video conferencing and CODECS (all major suppliers), telecom (copper - high and low bandwidth, wireless - terrestrial and satellite), and the latest in device technologies. AMD provides complete installation and technical support, and training and repair services, worldwide.

Australian Centre for International & Tropical Health & Health Nutrition
Although not solely dealing with Indigenous health, there is still quite a bit of information available on this website. They provide information about education, particularly University courses in Indigenous health, and also about their current research projects.

Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine
The website provides current information specifically for rural doctors. It features a calendar of events, directory to relevant organisations, links to other rural medical pages and articles by various authors on topics such as CME and computer education.

Australian Indigenous Health Promotion Network (AIHPN)
The Network is dedicated to improving the health of Indigenous Australians through education, professional development, mobilisation and advocacy. It is an organisation controlled by its members and is comprised of both Indigenous and non Indigenous health professionals.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet
This website provides an extensive amount of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health information, including important cultural information as well. There is on-line information and a vast amount of links to additional websites, publications or articles.

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
mission: "To provide leadership and excellence in undertaking, promoting and facilitating high-quality research in Australian Indigenous studies." through conducting and disseminating research, providing grant opportunities and facilitating seminars and conferences.

Australian Rural Health Education Network (ARHEN)
ARHEN is a national communication and coordination body for all University Departments of Rural Health (UDRH) in Australia.

Centre for Remote Health
mission: "To provide appropriate tertiary education, training and research, focusing on the discipline of remote health, to meet the health needs of remote communities in the NT and adjacent areas. The Centre will particularly address Indigenous health issues and the educational needs of Indigenous health professionals."

This website provides information on continuing medical education for rural GPs. There are opportunities to view the calendar of CME activities and scheduled workshops, participate in the discussion forum or review its archives, as well as the ability to search the information provided on this website using an in-built search engine.

Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal and Tropical Health - CRCATH
The CRCATH aims to "carry out and promote research" into Aboriginal health, education and training, and disseminate this information to the community at large to "promote the health interests of all Aboriginal people and those other people living in the tropics." This website contains information about their activities, publications, courses and scholarships, as well as a 'latest news' section.

Flinders Rural and Remote Community Clinical School

General Practice & Primary Health Care, Northern Territory (GPPHCNT)

Health and Medicine Website Directory
Contains many links to health and health related websites, including rural health.

Healthy Ontario
This site contains thousands of pages of original content, health assessment tools, health and medical information, healthcare services available in Ontario, and links to other Ontario health and wellness Web sites.

Journal of Rural and Remote Environmental Health
The Journal of Rural and Remote Environmental Health is a refereed online publication featuring review, investigation, management and research articles in the broad area of environmental health with a focus on rural and remote situations.

Minessota Rural Physician Associate Program
(This is the web-based resource page available to students in the RPAP - a similar program to the PRCC)

Monash University School of Rural Health
The Centre fosters research and awareness of rural health and related issues, focussing on the areas of education, research, workforce and community knowledge and organisational process. They also point out that the LISARRH database (Literature Information Service for Australian Rural and Remote Health) is coming soon to the Website.

National Center for Frontier Communities
National Center for Frontier Communities is the only national organization dedicated to the smallest and most geographically isolated communities in the United States - the frontier.

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

National Rural Faculty, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
This site contains news of relevance to rural general practitioners, information about the RACGP’s rural qualification, and resources of use to rural GPs, along with links to a wealth of resources available from the RACGP for rural GPs such as preventative guidelines, Australian Family Physician, GP Review, and the College’s extensive library resource collection.

National Rural Health Alliance
This is an alliance of key rural health stakeholders, whose main objectives are to set up links, affect policy and provide information in the area of rural health. This website provides a facility to do that, with features such as a discussion group, with a database of previous discussion issues, as well as an extensive list of relevant articles for viewing on-line.

National Rural Health Association
National Rural Health Association - The National Rural Health Association (NRHA) is a national nonprofit membership organization in the United States with more than 20,000 members. The association’s mission is to provide leadership on rural health issues.

NSW Rural Doctors Network
The NSW Rural Doctors Network (RDN) provides support for a continuing and high quality rural medical workforce in New South Wales (NSW).

Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Services
This website offers government information on Indigenous health. There is not a huge amount of information, but there is quite a number of media releases and a comprehensive list of links to other websites.

Queensland University Applied Health Science (Rural & Remote)
This website describes the new programs in Applied Health Science (Rural and Remote). The Programs have been developed collaboratively through the University of Queensland and the University of Southern Queensland.

Riverland PRCC Program
Innovative rural undergraduate clinical medical education

Rural Doctors Association (NSW) Inc.
Provides news, resources and information to rural doctors. Their website contains access to a variety of search specific Internet search engines, world newspapers on-line, financial information, employment opportunities, as well as an extensive list of links.

Rural Doctors Association of Southern Africa
RuDASA strives for the adequate staffing of rural health services by appropriately skilled medical staff and to be a voice for the rural doctor regarding training and working conditions.

Rural Health Education Foundation
This is the website for the Rural Health Education Foundation, who provides medical education broadcasts to rural and remote sites in Australia. This website details the timetable for broadcasts, location for sites, information about the content and the opportunity to post comments or questions before the broadcast. There is also information about videos of previous programs and technical support.

Rural Health Register
"The Rural Health Research Register is a national on-line database which contains information on a wide range of research and educational projects in the field of rural health…You can easily add details of your project to this register. Existing entries are currently being reviewed and we appreciate all new and updated information."

Rural Health Services Research Network of BC (RHSRNbc)
The vision of the Rural Health Services Research Network of BC (RHSRNbc) is to create a supportive infrastructure to facilitate the investigation of issues relevant to the health of rural and remote communities from population, health services, clinical and biomedical perspectives.

The goals of the Rural Health Services Research Network of BC (RHSRNbc) are to create a research infrastructure to:

  1. Build capacity in rural and remote health research by increasing the number of researchers from all four pillars;
  2. Support multi-disciplinary and multi-professional research collaboration across the spectrum from communities to universities;
  3. Support the exchange of new knowledge between researchers, policy makers, health care providers and consumers.

Rural Health Webring
The Rural Health WebRing is comprised of sites dedicated to rural health issues - it includes government, educational and health agency websites from around the world.

Rural Medical Education
Rural Medical Education - The main web site for Rural Health Workforce studies in the United States, Basic Health Access, the Atlas of Basic Health Access, Physician Workforce Studies, and Physician Distribution By Concentration

Rural Medical Educators
Rural Medical Educators - This US based group within the National Rural Health Association is a small group with a big vision – geographically dispersed, ethnically and culturally diverse, each in our place uniquely challenged, yet together facing common political, economic, and academic obstacles.

Spencer Gulf Rural Health School
This is a joint venture between the University of SA and the University of Adelaide, which provides links and information on rural health. They also provide an in-built search engine to search all of the 'publicly available documents' located on their Website.

The Australian Rural Health Education Network (ARHEN)
ARHEN is a national communication and coordination body for all University Departments of Rural Health (UDRH) in Australia.

The Frontier Education Center
The Frontier Education Center is the only national organization dedicated to the smallest and most geographically isolated communities in the United States - the frontier.

"WONCA is short for World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physicians, or World Organization of Family Doctors for short. Wonca's Web site, Global Family Doctor, provides a daily news service featuring synopses of relevant articles from family medicine and major general journals, updated every weekday and posted within minutes of publication."

World Health Organization