Articles contributed to by this person

Original Research 10 April 2021

Bronchiectasis among Australian Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal patients in the regional and remote population of the Northern Territory of Australia

Original Research 9 April 2021

Improvement in palliative care quality in rural nursing homes through information and communication technology-driven interprofessional collaboration

Original Research 7 April 2021

Change in the geographic distribution of human resources for health in Turkey, 2002–2016

Project Report 6 April 2021

Health system strengthening for vision care in The Gambia

Project Report 6 April 2021

Decommissioning and recommissioning a regional hospital in response to a COVID-19 outbreak

Original Research 6 April 2021

Perspectives of health care use and access to care for individuals living with inflammatory bowel disease in rural Canada

Project Report 30 March 2021

Analysis of the use of a mobile simulation unit using the principles of a managed educational network

Original Research 22 March 2021

'I’m still here, that’s probably the best part'. Lives of those living rurally with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator: a qualitative study

Review Article 17 March 2021

A scoping review of evaluated Indigenous community-based mental wellness initiatives

Review Article 15 March 2021

Factors associated with teletrauma utilization in rural areas: a review of the literature

Project Report 6 March 2021

Beliefs about cancer causation in Samoa: results from an awareness campaign recall survey

Review Article 3 March 2021

What influences nurses’ decisions to work in rural and remote settings? A systematic review and meta-synthesis of qualitative research

Original Research 1 March 2021

Determinants of physical activity level of people living in rural areas according to the transtheoretical model: regression and path analysis

Project Report 1 March 2021

Kansas maternity deserts: a cross-sectional study of rural obstetric providers

Review Article 19 February 2021

A rapid review of evidence to inform an ear, nose and throat service delivery model in remote Australia

Original Research 19 February 2021

Training novice users to assess stroke aetiology in remote settings using transcranial ultrasound: pilot study

Original Research 10 February 2021

Examining dual roles in long-term-care homes in rural Alberta: a qualitative study

Original Research 10 February 2021

Tuberculosis in the Torres Strait: the lady doth test too much

Original Research 9 February 2021

‘Dimensions and tensions?’: embracing the complexity of ‘working in a rural area’ through qualitative research interpreting perspectives of dermatologists and dermatology trainees

Original Research 9 February 2021

A qualitative inquiry into the ways in which space and place influence the lived experiences of adults with disabilities in rural South Africa

Short Communication 2 February 2021

Clinical manifestations and progression, seasonal variation, and environmental factors associated with Paederus dermatitis among patients attending the outpatient dermatology clinic of Thailand’s largest national tertiary referral center: a prospective cohort study

Original Research 27 January 2021

A graduate oral health therapist program to support dental service delivery and oral health promotion in Aboriginal communities in New South Wales, Australia

Original Research 22 January 2021

Women, clinician and IT staff perspectives on telehealth for enhanced gestational diabetes mellitus management in an Australian rural/regional setting

Original Research 22 January 2021

Access to wheelchairs by persons with mobility impairment in a remote rural district of KwaZulu–Natal, South Africa: therapists’ perspectives

Project Report 18 January 2021

Ensuring contact: calling rural Appalachian older adults during the COVID-19 epidemic

Original Research 13 January 2021

Privilege and Place: an exploratory study about healthcare bypass behavior

Original Research 7 January 2021

Predicting factors of elderly patients’ discharge to home after rehabilitation in rural Japan: a retrospective cohort study

Original Research 7 January 2021

Exploratory survey of procedural sedation and analgesia practice in sample of New Zealand rural hospitals: existing guidelines do not support current rural practice

Letter to the Editor 7 January 2021

A scope of practice comparison of two models of public oral health services for Aboriginal people living in rural and remote communities

Short Communication 3 December 2020

Seventeen states enacted executive orders expanding advanced practice nurses’ scopes of practice during the first 21 days of the COVID-19 pandemic

Commentary 1 December 2020

Climate change and rural mental health: a social geographic perspective

Review Article 30 November 2020

Strategies to increase the pharmacist workforce in rural and remote Australia: a scoping review

Review Article 28 November 2020

Health service delivery and workforce in northern Australia: a scoping review

Original Research 23 November 2020

National study of the impact of rural immersion programs on intended location of medical practice in New Zealand

Commentary 20 November 2020

Domestic migrant workers in India returning to their homes: emerging socioeconomic and health challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic

Original Research 19 November 2020

Urban–suburban differences in the demographics and clinical profiles of type 2 diabetic patients attending primary healthcare centres in Malta

Original Research 19 November 2020

Health service access and utilisation amongst culturally and linguistically diverse populations in regional South Australia: a qualitative study

Original Research 13 November 2020

Decisions on cancer care by Indigenous peoples in Alberta and Saskatchewan: a narrative analysis

Commentary 6 November 2020

Growing the pool of rural general practitioners

Commentary 6 November 2020

Teaching psychomotor skills online: exploring the implications of novel coronavirus on health professions education

Clinical Case Report 5 November 2020

Clonidine for pain-related distress in Aboriginal children on a penicillin regimen to prevent recurrence of rheumatic fever

Original Research 3 November 2020

Ιdentifying patient-related barriers in hypertension control: a multi-centered, mixed-method study in Greek rural practices

Original Research 29 October 2020

Rural and urban disparities in oral hygiene practices among Peruvian children aged less than 12 years: Demographic and Family Health Survey 2018

Original Research 21 October 2020

Elders suffering recurrent injurious falls: causal analysis from a rural tribal community in the eastern part of India

Original Research 21 October 2020

Personal resilience and rural doctors retention: a study in Indonesia

Original Research 15 October 2020

Prevalence of diarrheal diseases among schools with and without water, sanitation and hygiene programs in rural communities of north-eastern Ethiopia: a comparative cross-sectional study

Original Research 14 October 2020

A bitter pill to swallow: registered nurses and medicines regulation in remote Australia

Original Research 14 October 2020

Geographic differences in the unpaid caregiver experience from the National Study of Caregiving (NSOC)

Original Research 10 October 2020

Sustainability of a rural volunteer program (Nav-CARE): a case study

Original Research 6 October 2020

Does driving using a Green Beacon reduce emergency response times in a rural setting?

Original Research 1 October 2020

Functional dependence among older adults: a cross-sectional study with a rural population of southern Brazil

Project Report 29 September 2020

Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program: a descriptive case study of implementation in Alberta, Canada

Research Letter 28 September 2020

Childhood exhaust burns in rural and remote regions

Commentary 26 September 2020

Facilitating credentialing and engagement of international physician-migrants during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond

Original Research 21 September 2020

Rural–urban disparities in the distribution of dental caries among children in south-eastern Louisiana: a cross-sectional study

Letter to the Editor 21 September 2020

Clinical characteristics of SARS-CoV-2 infection in a rural area in Germany

Review Article 19 September 2020

Patient and provider perspectives on eHealth interventions in Canada and Australia: a scoping review

Letter to the Editor 12 September 2020

Mental health care in rural and remote areas necessitate greater attention during the COVID-19 pandemic

Letter to the Editor 12 September 2020

COVID-19 leads to physically severe experiences for the rural elderly in Japan, during Obon

Original Research 3 September 2020

Understanding the field of rural health academic research: a national qualitative, interview-based study

Short Communication 2 September 2020

Evaluating a centralised cancer support centre in the remote region of Northern Norway

Original Research 31 August 2020

Mechanisms to achieve a successful rural physiotherapy public–private partnership: a qualitative study

Original Research 31 August 2020

Retaining graduates of non-metropolitan medical schools for practice in the local area: the importance of locally based postgraduate training pathways in Australia and Canada

Original Research 27 August 2020

A virtual community-of-practice approach by rural stakeholders in managing pneumoconiosis in the USA: a cross-sectional analysis

Research Letter 19 August 2020

Differences in US COVID-19 case rates and case fatality rates across the urban–rural continuum

Original Research 19 August 2020

What factors shape doctors’ trustworthiness? Patients’ perspectives in the context of hypertension care in rural Tanzania

Original Research 11 August 2020

Can neonatal pneumothorax be successfully managed in regional Australia?

Obituary 9 August 2020

Tribute to David Heaney

Original Research 7 August 2020

Exploring children’s perceptions of barriers and facilitators to physical activity in rural Northwestern Ontario, Canada

Short Communication 5 August 2020

A severe diarrhoeal outbreak in a remote Pacific island community, Anuta Island, Solomon Islands, April–June 2019

Original Research 31 July 2020

Factors explaining the shortage and poor retention of qualified health workers in rural and remote areas of the Kayes, region of Mali: a qualitative study

Letter to the Editor 29 July 2020

COVID-19 quarantine camps in Nepal – a dire and despondent state

Original Research 17 July 2020

Fluvial family health: work process of teams in riverside communities of the Brazilian Amazon

Project Report 14 July 2020

Barriers and bridges to implementing a workplace wellness project in Alaska

Commentary 11 July 2020

Capability ... what’s in a word? Rural Doctors Network of New South Wales Australia is shifting to focus on the capability of rural health professionals

Clinical Case Report 10 July 2020

Subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis caused by a black pigmented mould (Rhytidhysteron species) in rural north-western New South Wales, Australia

Project Report 9 July 2020

Development of the Rural Generalist Program Japan: meeting the needs of Japanese rural communities

Original Research 6 July 2020

The 'Snake song': a pilot study of musical intervention in Eswatini

Letter to the Editor 3 July 2020

COVID-19 in a remote village in a tropical forest – a note

Project Report 2 July 2020

The benefits and challenges of a rural community-based work-ready placement program for allied health students

Review Article 20 June 2020

Setting priorities for rural allied health in Australia: a scoping review

Original Research 15 June 2020

Community acquired pneumonia: a cost-of-illness analysis in Greece

Editorial 14 June 2020

Surgical care at rural district hospitals in low- and middle-income countries: an essential component of universal health coverage

Original Research 13 June 2020

’Being a midwife is being prepared to help women in very difficult conditions’: midwives’ experiences of working in the rural and fragile settings of Ituri Province, Democratic Republic of Congo

Editorial 13 June 2020

Support nurses and midwives to strengthen healthcare systems

Original Research 9 June 2020

Risk factors for renal disease and diabetes in remote Australia – findings from The Western Desert Kidney Health Project

Commentary 30 May 2020

Practical approaches to pedagogically rich online tutorials in health professions education

Commentary 29 May 2020

Pedagogical foundations to online lectures in health professions education

Commentary 26 May 2020

Adapting to a new reality: COVID-19 coronavirus and online education in the health professions

Original Research 14 May 2020

Development of a referral pathway framework for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in the Pilbara

Research Letter 1 May 2020

Leveraging the Bonded Medical Places Scheme to attract and retain doctors in rural areas: the role of Regional Training Hubs

Original Research 29 April 2020

Look at Mummy: challenges in training parents to deliver a home treatment program for childhood apraxia of speech in a rural Canadian community

Original Research 28 April 2020

A direct connection promotes time efficiency for transfer of ST-elevation myocardial infarction patients

Short Communication 24 April 2020

The data deficit for asthma emergency presentations might surprise you: how RAHDaR addresses the data chasm

Original Research 17 April 2020

The place of research in the rural health workplace structure: a content analysis of a rural health organisation’s strategic and operational documents

Original Research 2 April 2020

Too tough to ask for help? Stoicism and attitudes to mental health professionals in rural Australia

Original Research 2 April 2020

Dynamics of depressive symptoms and within-country migration among Peruvian women

Original Research 31 March 2020

‘It’s mostly about the job’ – putting the lens on specialist rural retention

Original Research 24 March 2020

Health self-perception and morbidities, and their relation with rural work in southern Brazil

Editorial 24 March 2020

Why we need better rural and remote health, now more than ever

Project Report 23 March 2020

The increasing incidence of immigration and information-seeking behaviour of medical doctors in north-western Greece

Project Report 19 March 2020

State of the eye health system in the Pacific: is medical technology available and used by mid-level eye care workers?

Original Research 11 March 2020

Prevocational Integrated Extended Rural Clinical Experience (PIERCE): cutting through the barriers to prevocational rural medical education

Short Communication 28 February 2020

Developing a mobile data collection tool to manage a dispersed mental health workforce

Clinical Case Report 26 February 2020

Supporting holistic care for patients with tuberculosis in a remote Indigenous community: a case report

Original Research 25 February 2020

Searching for published protocols of randomized controlled trials in primary health care: an empirical systematic approach

Project Report 24 February 2020

The Wequedong Lodge Cancer Screening Program: implementation of an opportunistic cancer screening pilot program for residents of rural and remote Indigenous communities in Northwestern Ontario, Canada

Original Research 19 February 2020

Household financial contribution to the health system after Iran's Health Transformation Plan

Original Research 14 February 2020

Improving the care of students with diabetes in rural schools utilizing an online diabetes education program for school personnel

Commentary 31 January 2020

Improving access to phosphorus- and sodium-restricted foods for people living with chronic kidney disease in remote First Nations

Original Research 31 January 2020

Factors associated with rural work for nursing and allied health graduates 15–17 years after an undergraduate rural placement through the University Department of Rural Health program

Original Research 21 January 2020

Acute gastrointestinal illness in an African Indigenous population: the lived experience of Uganda’s Batwa

Original Research 19 January 2020

Support for rural practice: female physicians and the life–career interface

Original Research 16 January 2020

Satisfaction of patients and primary care professionals with a teleophthalmology-based screening programme for diabetic retinopathy in a rural area in Castilla y León, Spain

Original Research 15 January 2020

Virtually caring: a qualitative study of internet-based mental health services for LGBT young adults in rural Australia

Original Research 15 January 2020

Distribution of child health indicators according to internal migration and various social variables in Turkey

Original Research 15 January 2020

Food insecurity and malnutrition in vulnerable households with children under 5 years on the Ecuadorian coast: a post-earthquake analysis

Original Research 14 January 2020

A mandatory bonding service program and its effects on the perspectives of young doctors in Nepal

Original Research 13 January 2020

Establishing a mentorship program in rural workplaces: connection, communication, and support required

Original Research 13 January 2020

Chronic condition risk factor change over time in a remote Indigenous community

Original Research 10 January 2020

Perceptions and management of postpartum haemorrhage among remote communities in Lao PDR

Original Research 10 January 2020

Feasibility and acceptability of internet-delivered parent–child interaction therapy for rural Australian families: a qualitative investigation

Original Research 7 January 2020

Depression and binge drinking in farm and non-farm rural adults in Saskatchewan, Canada

Original Research 7 January 2020

Environmental factors associated with diarrhoea prevalence among under-five children in the Mataniko settlements in Honiara, Solomon Islands

Original Research 6 January 2020

Critical discourse analysis of policies impacting the intersection of health and experiences of intimate partner violence for rural women in Ontario, Canada

Review Article 6 January 2020

Organophosphate exposure and the chronic effects on farmers: a narrative review

Original Research 1 December 2019

Precarious patients: health professionals’ perspectives on providing care to Mexican and Jamaican migrants in Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

Original Research 30 November 2019

A scope of practice that works 'out here': exploring the effects of a changing medical regulatory environment on a rural New Zealand health service

Original Research 30 November 2019

Passing on wisdom: exploring the end-of-life wishes of Aboriginal people from the Midwest of Western Australia

Project Report 26 November 2019

Doctors in secondary schools program: the first year of program implementation in a rural Victorian school

Short Communication 25 November 2019

Evaluation for learning and improvement at the right time: an example from the field

Original Research 24 November 2019

The point prevalence of respiratory syncytial virus in hospital and community-based studies in children from Northern Australia: studies in a ‘high-risk’ population

Review Article 22 November 2019

Strategic analysis of interventions to reduce physician shortages in rural regions

Original Research 22 November 2019

Tobacco smoking prevalence and associated factors among the elderly in the rural area of Rio Grande/RS, Brazil

Original Research 17 November 2019

Identification of prevalence of constipation in infants aged 0–12 months in rural areas

Commentary 15 November 2019

Partnership integration for rural health resource access

Clinical Case Report 14 November 2019

Klippel–Trénaunay syndrome: a case report of a rare vascular disorder identified in a rural Canadian hospital

Original Research 9 November 2019

Geographic disparities associated with travel to medical care and attendance in programs to prevent/manage chronic illness among middle-aged and older adults in Texas

Original Research 9 November 2019

Rural women’s first-person perspectives on the role of mental health in substance use

Original Research 2 November 2019

General practitioner knowledge and practice in relation to unintended pregnancy in the Grampians region of Victoria, Australia

Original Research 2 November 2019

Rural primary care providers’ attitudes towards sexual and gender minorities in a midwestern state in the USA

Original Research 1 November 2019

Physical activity in early childhood education and care settings in a low-income, rural South African community: an observational study

Original Research 30 October 2019

Organ donation attitudes and general self-efficacy: exploratory views from a rural primary care setting

Original Research 28 October 2019

A qualitative exploration of the sexual and reproductive health knowledge of adolescent mothers from indigenous populations in Ratanak Kiri Province, Cambodia

Review Article 23 October 2019

Women’s preferences and experiences of cervical cancer screening in rural and remote areas: a systematic review and qualitative meta-synthesis

Original Research 21 October 2019

The role of occupational therapy in the Solomon Islands: experiences and perceptions of occupational therapists and rehabilitation health workers

Original Research 18 October 2019

Spatial equity and realised access to healthcare – a geospatial analysis of general practitioner enrolments in Waikato, New Zealand

Original Research 17 October 2019

Overcoming the challenges of caring for a child with foetal alcohol spectrum disorder: a Pilbara community perspective

Original Research 14 October 2019

An epidemiological study of dental caries and associated risk factors among primary school children in the Aileu Municipality, Timor-Leste

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Training novice users to assess stroke aetiology in remote settings using transcranial ultrasound

What influences nurses’ decisions to work in rural and remote settings?

Tuberculosis in the Torres Strait: the lady doth test too much

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