Pre-hospital utilisation of ultrasound: a hands on exploration of the utility of ultrasound in the remote setting

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L Regan
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* L Regan


1 NHS Highland, Inverness, UK


30 June 2016 Volume 16 Issue 2


RECEIVED: 23 June 2016

ACCEPTED: 29 June 2016


Regan L.  Pre-hospital utilisation of ultrasound: a hands on exploration of the utility of ultrasound in the remote setting. Rural and Remote Health 2016; 16: 4100. https://doi.org/10.22605/RRH4100


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Pre-hospital diagnostics are increasingly being used to guide interventions and better inform transfer decisions for patients in remote locations. Point of care ultrasound examinations have moved from the radiology department to the emergency room to the back of the helicopter over a few short years, with evidence of utility in a variety of applications. This workshop aims to give attendees an awareness of established modalities in point of care ultrasound and hands on tuition and practice in those most frequently encountered in clinical practice. Discussion will also focus on their incorporation into commonly occuring patient syndromes such as cardiac arrest, shock and major trauma. Modalities covered will include imaging techniques for pleura, aorta, deep veins, intra abdominal fluid, raised ICP, cardiac echo and regional anaesthesia. Participants will have access to up to date ultrasound machines, human volunteer patients and an experienced faculty.

This abstract was presented at the Innovative Solutions in Remote Healthcare - 'Rethinking Remote' conference, 23-24 May 2016, Inverness, Scotland.

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