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.Original Research

Do dose administration aids support medication adherence for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples? An exploration of patients’ perspectives, experiences and use on the North Coast of New South Wales

Walke E, Barclay L, Longman JM, Swain LS.

Published 1 December 2022 Australasia

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Original Research

The Pharmacy Community Apgar Questionnaire: a modified Delphi technique to develop a rural pharmacist recruitment and retention tool

Terry DR, Peck B, Hills D, Bishop J, Kirschbaum M, Obamiro KO, Phan H, Baker E, Schmitz D.

Published 29 November 2022 Australasia

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Research Letter

Should we consider all statins the same? A reasonable approach from a rural GP may limit iatrogenic burden

Soavi C, Cavicchi M, Cavicchi A, Petrazzuoli F.

Published 27 November 2022 Europe

Just Accepted - Abstract Available

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Original Research

Identifying access barriers faced by rural and dispersed communities to better address their needs: implications and lessons learned for rural proofing for health in the Americas and beyond

Houghton N, Bascolo E, Cohen RR, Cruz Vilcarromero N, Rodriguez Gonzalez H, Albrecht D, Koller TS, Fitzgerald J.

Accepted 10 November 2022 Latin America

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Short Communication

Teleneurology via tablet technology: an effective low-cost method to increase healthcare accessibility

Harper K, Hanson C, Eoff B, Riebau D, Charles D.

Accepted 1 November 2022 North America

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Original Research

What is important for high quality rural health care? A qualitative study of rural community and provider views in New Zealand

Atmore C, Dovey S, Gauld R, Stokes T.

Accepted 24 October 2022 Australasia

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Short Communication

Point-of-care ultrasound in general practice: an exploratory study in rural South Australia

Phillips H, Sukheja N, Williams S, La Forgia A, Nixon G, McArthur LA, Gonzalez-Chica DA, Walters L.

Accepted 23 October 2022 Australasia

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Original Research

Tooth loss and dental visits by Indigenous American Indian/Alaska Native adults in the USA

Wiener R.

Accepted 23 October 2022 North America

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Review Article

Recruitment and retention of general practitioners in European medical deserts: a systematic review

Bes JM, Flinterman LE, González AI, Batenburg RS.

Accepted 21 October 2022 Europe

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Original Research

The experience of women from rural Australia with a preterm infant in a neonatal intensive care unit

Laidlaw KL, Prichard I, Sweet L.

Accepted 14 October 2022 Australasia

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Policy Report

Facilitating regional and remote access to voluntary assisted dying in Western Australia: targeted initiatives during the law-making and implementation stages of reform

Willmott L, Haining CM, White BP.

Accepted 14 October 2022 Australasia

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The Limerick Declaration on Rural Health Care 2022

Glynn L, Murphy AW, Scully R, Strasser R, Quinlan D, Cowley J, Hayes P, O’Donnell P, O’Regan A, Tuli S, Santana MA, Sparrow-Downes VM, Petrazzuoli F, Nowlan S, Collins C, Fogarty F, MacFarlane A, Wynn-Jones J, Chater AB.

Accepted 5 October 2022 Europe

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Original Research

Engaging rural communities to incorporate social determinants in developing strategies to improve access to health care in the Missouri Bootheel counties

Shrestha A, Stamatakis K, Ballard J, Burgess A, Baker E.

Accepted 27 September 2022 North America

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Original Research

A qualitative exploration of knowledge of Chagas disease among adolescents in rural Ecuador

Mora-Criollo P, Carrasco-Tenezaca M, Casapulla S, Bates BR, Grijalva MJ.

Accepted 5 September 2022 Latin America

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Original Research

Understandings of quality of life in the experience of sex work performed by women from the rural area of the Sertão Produtivo Baiano: a phenomenological study

Couto PS, Porcino C, Pereira SS, Flores TD, Vilela AB, Gomes AM, Suto CS, Silva DD, França LC.

Accepted 5 September 2022 Latin America

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