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Review Article

Recruitment and retention of rural allied health professionals: a scoping review

Peterson M, Nielsen S, Olson D.

Published 30 May 2024 North America

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Review Article

Access to maternal health services for Indigenous women in low- and middle-income countries: an updated integrative review of the literature from 2018 to 2023

Morgan J, M Breau G.

Published 25 May 2024 Europe

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Original Research

Farming and the risk of developing osteoarthritis in Alberta, Canada

Rahmanzadeh Koucheh E, Voaklander D, Jones CA.

Published 24 May 2024 North America

Just Accepted - Abstract Available

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Project Report

Describing a Medical School’s rural activity footprint: setting selection and workforce distribution priorities

Fuller L, Beattie J, Versace VL, Rogers G, McGrail MR.

Accepted 28 March 2024 Australasia

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Original Research

Pretest–post-test evaluation with lay midwives in remote Guatemala after educational activities about COVID-19

Garcia KS, Rodriguez A, Gonzalez Z, Armstrong C, Iacob E, Flynn EE.

Accepted 5 March 2024 Latin America

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Original Research

The experiences and perceptions of rural and remote nurses who provide care to pregnant women in the absence of midwives

McElroy M, Wicking K, Harvey N, Yates K.

Accepted 27 February 2024 Australasia

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Original Research

History repeats itself: consumption of a local traditional roast pork meat recipe leads to Salmonella ser. Give cases in Greece

Mandilara G, Chrysostomou A, Polemis M, Duro D, Karaj G, Mathioudaki E, Karadimas K, Tryfinopoulou K, Mellou K, Sideroglou T.

Accepted 24 February 2024 Europe

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Review Article

Initiatives and exposures associated with food security in remote and isolated communities: a scoping review

Drysdale M, Skinner K, Lazarescu C, Couture A, Young S, Idzerda L.

Accepted 23 February 2024 North America

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Original Research

Health literacy and mammography screening behaviors among women living in a rural area of Turkey

Yalçın Gürsoy M, Uçan Yamaç S.

Accepted 21 February 2024 Europe

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Original Research

Rural generalist medicine: a developing approach to health care in rural and island Japan

Schubert NS, Tsuzaki T, Evans R, Sen Gupta T, Larkins S, Battye KM.

Accepted 15 February 2024 Australasia

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Original Research

The allied health rural generalist pathway: a cost consequence analysis

Dymmott A, Brebner C, George S, Campbell N, May J, Gill R, Milte R.

Accepted 15 February 2024 Australasia

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Original Research

The role, the risk, and the reciprocity: creating positive early rural placements in medical education

Button BLG, Bohonis H, Ross BM, Kilbertus F, Taylor K, Cameron E.

Accepted 2 February 2024 North America

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Original Research

Transitioning to rural practice together: a rural fellowship model (in six Ps)

Gilmer B, Harless C, White Gibson L, Fromewick J, Latessa R, Beck Dallaghan GL, Agee K, Hodge B.

Accepted 27 January 2024 North America

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Original Research

Conceptualisations of pain amongst resettled Nepali-speaking Bhutanese adults in rural and regional Australia

Nigol SH, Ó Donnchadha S, Chikulin C, Orr C, Dhamala B, Oldroyd J, Eeman H.

Accepted 16 January 2024 Australasia

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Original Research

Feasibility and impact of a physical activity and lifestyle program for Aboriginal families with Machado–Joseph disease in the Top End of Australia

Carr J, Lalara J, Lalara G, Lalara G, Daniels B, Clough A, Lowell A, Barker RN.

Accepted 14 November 2023 Australasia

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