Unscheduled care: decision support in remote and rural communities

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C Chute
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* C Chute


1 Digital Health & Care Institute, Motherwell, UK


30 June 2016 Volume 16 Issue 2


RECEIVED: 23 June 2016

ACCEPTED: 29 June 2016


Chute C.  Unscheduled care: decision support in remote and rural communities. Rural and Remote Health 2016; 16: 4103. https://doi.org/10.22605/RRH4103


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DHI is developing a decision support 'digital demonstrator environment'. This space will house a set of interoperable technologies and infrastructures that will allow health & care providers to experiment with new ways of flowing information between multi-disciplinary, multi-agency teams. As new capabilities develop, we will seek to 'de-risk' these digital services to allow swifter implementation in live settings. One of the exemplar decision support use cases will be for unscheduled care. This workshop will look to offer delegates some of the digital decision support 'art of the possible', and will look to get input into remote and rural requirements as part of DHI's developing model.

This abstract was presented at the Innovative Solutions in Remote Healthcare - 'Rethinking Remote' conference, 23-24 May 2016, Inverness, Scotland.

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