Providing support for medical students in remote practices


P Lockwood1


* Helena Clements


1 University of Dundee, Dundee, UK


30 June 2016 Volume 16 Issue 2


RECEIVED: 24 June 2016

ACCEPTED: 29 June 2016


Lockwood P.  Providing support for medical students in remote practices. Rural and Remote Health 2016; 16: 4116. Available: www.rrh.org.au/journal/article/4116


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Introduction: The University of Dundee sends final year medical students out to remote and rural practice. This presentation describes the methods in place to support students in these remote locations.
Objectives: To describe methods for supporting students in remote locations.
Methods: Support is provided by providing information to students before they go out, managing expectations, providing lines of communication and developing a good communication network with tutors.
Results: Students successfully complete their attachments in remote and rural practices and gained a positive learning experience.
Conclusions: Tutor support and good communication helps to provide a positive experience in remote practices for students.

This abstract was presented at the Innovative Solutions in Remote Healthcare - 'Rethinking Remote' conference, 23-24 May 2016, Inverness, Scotland.

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