Clinical Case Report

Chest pain and dyspnoea in a young primiparous woman following prolonged labour at a remote Australian community health centre


Mohd Azlan Mohd Hashim1 MBBS, Registrar

Timothy Linton2 FRAGP, General Practitioner

Subash Heraganahally3 FRACP, Director, Respiratory and Sleep Medicine *


1, 3 Royal Darwin Hospital, 105 Rocklands Drive, Tiwi, NT, Australia

2 Gove District Hospital, Gove, NT, Australia

ACCEPTED: 4 April 2019

early abstract:

We report a rare respiratory complication in a young primiparous woman following a very prolonged labour in a remote community hospital. A 23 year old Caucasian primiparous presented with chest pain, dyspnoea and subcutaneous emphysema of the neck and chest after a very prolonged second stage of labour lasting for about 3 to 4 hours. A chest radiograph revealed evidence of pneumomediastinum. The pathophysiology is thought to be secondary to significant raise in intrapulmonary pressures leading to disruption of alveolar walls and entry of air into the pulmonary interstitium.