Amina  Abubakar

Amina Abubakar

Amina Abubakar's research interests focus on developing strategies for identifying, monitoring and rehabilitating children who are at-risk of experiencing developmental delay and impairments in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Specifically she is interested in: a)quantifying the neurocognitive burden of early childhood diseases b) developing culturally appropriate psychological measures for use in Africa c) Investigating antecedents and consequences of childrearing practices in the African context and d) Identifying culturally appropriate intervention strategies for at-risk children in SSA.

Articles contributed to by this person

Original Research 24 January 2011

Maternal perceptions of factors contributing to severe under-nutrition among children in a rural African setting

Original Research 20 April 2016

Challenges and coping strategies of parents of children with autism on the Kenyan coast

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