Ronan F O'Toole

A/Prof Ronan O'Toole

qualifications: BA(Mod), PhD, FASM

position: Associate Professor in Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Ronan O’Toole studied Microbiology at Trinity College Dublin and later held a tenured position there as Lecturer in Clinical Microbiology in the School of Medicine. He has conducted infectious disease research at further institutes that include Imperial College London (UK), Johns Hopkins University (USA), and La Trobe University (Australia) where he is an Associate Professor in Biomedical Sciences. He is a Fellow of the Australian Society for Microbiology and holds a PhD in Molecular Biology. His teaching interests include medical and health science education, in particular, in relation to communicable illnesses. As a research principal investigator, he has led studies mapping the origin and spread of hospital-associated pathogens such as Enterococcus faecium and community-acquired pathogens including Mycobacterium tuberculosis, as well as the acquisition of antibiotic resistance. Further information on his research work is available at

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