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Paul Worley
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1 Rural and Remote Health


15 January 2013 Volume 13 Issue 1


RECEIVED: 15 January 2013

ACCEPTED: 15 January 2013


Worley P.  Retraction. Rural and Remote Health 2013; 13: 2494.


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full article:

The Rural and Remote Health publisher advises that the following article has been retracted:

Saridi M, Pappa V, Kyriazis I, Toska A, Giolis A, Liachapoulou A, Skliros E, Birbas K. Knowledge and attitudes to sun exposure among adolescents in Korinthos, Greece. Rural and Remote Health 9: 1162. (Online) 2009.

Date of publication: 11 December 2009
Formerly available:

Readers' attention is drawn to the prior publication:
M. Saridi, A. Toska, V. Pappa, A. Liachopoulou, D. Aggeli, K. Birbas. Knowledge, attitudes and self care practices related to sun protection among teenagers in Greece. Archives of Hellenic Medicine 2009; 26(3): 355-365.

Apologies are tendered to the Editor and Publisher of Archives of Hellenic Medicine.

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