Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Transition of physician distribution (1980-2002) in Japan and factors predicting future rural practice

Kazuo  Inoue

Prof Kazuo Inoue

qualifications: PhD

contribution: original concept, contributed to drafts, designed the project

position: Associate professor


I am an alumni of Jichi Medical University and have practiced in rural areas for 13 years. In 2003, I became a faculty of Department of Public Health, Uiversity of Tokyo. In 2009, I moved to Teikyo Unversity School of Medicine as the founding professor of Department of Community Medicine. You can look at my information at Sorry for Japanese, but you can see my work in English.

Masatoshi  Matsumoto

Prof Masatoshi Matsumoto

qualifications: PhD

contribution: literature review

position: Assistant professor


Masatoshi Matsumoto is the professor of rural health at Hiroshima University, Japan. He is a general practitioner who worked for some years in the least populated mountain village in rural Japan. He has taught rural health at Jichi Medical University, the Japanese medical school founded solely for producing rural doctors, for more than ten years. His academic interests are rural health policy, rural medical education, medical anthropology and rural community-based epidemiology.

Satoshi  Toyokawa

Satoshi Toyokawa

qualifications: PhD

contribution: collected data, statistical analysis

position: Assistant professor

Yasuki  Kobayashi

Yasuki Kobayashi

qualifications: PhD

position: Professor

health policy health system

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