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Using information and communication technology to revitalise continuing professional development for rural health professionals: evidence from a pilot project

John Francis  Mugisha

John Francis Mugisha

qualifications: MSc(Hlth Man)

position: Senior lecturer

John Francis Mugisha is a an Associate Professor of Health Services Management (HSM) and Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences at Uganda Martyrs University, which he joined 2002. He holds a PhD in Health Planning and Management from Keele University, England. Previously, Dr. Mugisha worked as a Senior Hospital Administrator in Public Rural and Regional Referral Hospitals in Uganda. As a Professor in HSM, he is interested in addressing challenges facing rural (and remote urban!) health professionals, facilities and communities through research, technical assistance, training and writing targeted projects. His areas of interest include Human Resources for Health, Health Economics and Financing and Health Planning and Policy and Hospital Management focusing especially on challenges facing rural hospitals.

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