Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Meeting the needs of Nunavut families: a community-based midwifery education program

Susan  James

Susan James

qualifications: PhD

contribution: original concept, literature review, contributed to drafts

position: Director


Director, School of Midwifery, Laurentian University, Canada. Research interests: relational/feminist ethics, rural and remote midwifery, phenomenology, interdisciplinary education/practice.

Beverley  O'Brien

Beverley O'Brien

qualifications: PhD

position: Professor


community health, midwifery, and international nursing

Kirsty  Bourret

Kirsty Bourret

qualifications: MHSc

position: Lecturer


Natsiq  Kango

Natsiq Kango

qualifications: RM

position: Midwife and president

Kerstin  Gafvels

Kerstin Gafvels

qualifications: RM

position: Maternal Newborn Health Service consultant

Judith  Paradis-Pastori

Judith Paradis-Pastori

qualifications: BA

position: Director, health and wellness programs

I am the Director for Health and Wellness Programs at Nunavut Arctic College in Iqaluit. In addition to the Bachelor of Science in Arctic Nursing, and the Community Health Representative Certificate, the College has developped the following programs: Mental Health Diploma, Community Therapist Assistant Diploma, Maternity Care and Midwifery Diploma (a 4th year is being developped with a university), and Homecare and Continuing Care Certificate. It is important to note that the Inuit Culture is integrated in each program. I am always interested to hear about what is being done to support students' success. Thank-you. Nakurmiik.

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