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A cardiovascular disease risk factor screening program designed to reach rural residents of Maine, USA

David  Harris

David Harris

qualifications: PhD

contribution: wrote the first draft

position: Professor

United States

I am currently using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to understand the factors associated with the distribution of chronic disease rates and the spread of infectious disease in the Northeast US.

Lois  Hamel

Lois Hamel

qualifications: PhD

position: Program director

United States

I am particularly interested in how to help students and patients not merely survive, but to thrive, within their respective educational and health care current "NON" systems. I am interested in partnering, showing respect, and not using power-over techniques to allow students and/or patients to demonstrate their newly gained skills with growing independence under the educators/nurses watchful eyes...rather than when wait until they are "on their own". I am interested in nursing faculty workload research, civility and caring measures that promote healing/learning, and international collaborations. See the Sigma Theta Tau International Caring International Research Collaborative website for more INTERDISCIPLINARY sharing opportunities where "ego can be dropped at the door" and we can advance ALL variables in health care by sharing what we know to "get their faster together". Dr. Lois C. Hamel

AbouEl-Makarim  Aboueissa

AbouEl-Makarim Aboueissa

qualifications: PhD

position: Assistant Professor

United States

Applied Statistics with applications in both Environmental and biomedical studies.

Deborah  Johnson

Deborah Johnson

qualifications: MSN

position: Clinical educator

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