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James Cook University administers the journal Rural and Remote Health. It is a condition of publication of an article in Rural and Remote Health that the authors of the article consent to the application of a Creative Commons CC-BY to the published article.

    1. The Author/s have submitted an article (as identified above) to JCU for publication in Rural and Remote Health ("the Article").
    2. If JCU decides, in its absolute discretion, to publish the Article, the Author/s agree to share the Article with the public, and to licence the public to use the Article, pursuant to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public Licence ("CC BY Licence").
    3. The Author/s acknowledge that the CC BY Licence:
      1. permits the public (including JCU) to:
        (A) copy and redistribute the Article in any medium or format; and
        (B) remix, transform, and build upon the Article for any purpose, even commercially; and
      2. requires the public (including JCU), when sharing the Article (including in modified form) to give appropriate credit to the Author/s, provide a link to the CC BY Licence and indicate if changes were made to the Article.
    4. The Author/s authorise JCU to mark the Article, as published in Rural and Remote Health, with an appropriate CC BY licence notice.
    1. The Author/s warrants to JCU that:
      1. the Article is an original work;
      2. subject to clause 3, the Author/s is the only proprietor of the copyright in the Article;
      3. the Article has not been published elsewhere and is not encumbered or subject to any existing licence;
      4. the Article is not under consideration by any other publisher;
      5. the Article does not infringe any existing copyright;
      6. to the best of the Author's knowledge the Article contains no defamatory or other unlawful statements; and
      7. without limiting clause 3, the Author/s has obtained all the necessary permissions (in writing) for the reproduction of the Article, including any text or image.
    2. The Author/s will indemnify JCU against loss, injury or damage (including any legal costs or expenses properly incurred) occasioned to JCU in consequence of any breach by the Author/s (unknown to JCU) of any of the Author's warranties contained in these terms and conditions.
    1. This clause 3 only applies if the Author/s does not own the copyright in some or all of the text, images, tables, diagrams or other material contained within the Article ("the Licensed Images").
    2. The Author/s warrants that they hold written permission (upon terms acceptable to JCU) from all owners of copyright in the Licensed Images for the:
      1. incorporation of the Licensed Images into the Article; and
      2. the use of the Article (incorporating the Licensed Images) by James Cook University in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Licence.
    3. The Author/s acknowledges that prior to agreeing to these terms and conditions the Author/s has had the opportunity to obtain independent legal advice on the terms and effect of these terms and conditions.
    4. These terms and conditions must be read and construed according to the laws of the State of Queensland and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of Queensland.
    5. The Author/s acknowledges and agrees that where more than one person is the author of the Article the covenants on the part of the Author/s bind each two or more persons jointly and each person severally. The release of one of the persons from an obligation does not release any other person who may be jointly liable.
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