Rural Medicine and Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships

Guest editors: Lucie Walters and Leesa Walker

Ahead of the Global Community Engaged Medical Education Muster Conference in October, this Virtual Issue on Rural Medicine and Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships assembles 24 articles published in Rural and Remote Health since 2001 that document the rural history of the global Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC) movement. Rural LICs have contributed significantly to recruitment and retention of the medical workforce in low resource rural areas, as well as to providing medical students with broad and authentic clinical learning opportunities and experience of inter-professional team approaches.


Rural medicine ‘cooking up’ longitudinal integrated clerkships by L Walters and L Walker

Positive implications from socially accountable, community-engaged medical education across two Philippines regions by T Woolley, F Cristobal, JJ Siega-Sur, S Ross, A Neusy, SD Halili and C Reeve.

What are they thinking? Facilitating clinical reasoning through longitudinal patient exposure in rural practice by DG Campbell, L Walters, I Couper and J Greacen.

Clinical training in the rural setting: using photovoice to understand student experiences by EM Mader, C Roseamelia, SL Lewis, ME Arthur, E Reed and L Germain.

When a LIC came to town: the impact of longitudinal integrated clerkships on a rural community of healthcare practice by JN Hudson, B Thomson, K Weston and P Knight-Billington.

Unfreezing the Flexnerian Model: introducing longitudinal integrated clerkships in rural communities by R Bing-You, R Trowbridge, C Kruithoff and JL Daggett Jr.

James Cook University MBBS graduate intentions and intern destinations: a comparative study with other Queensland and Australian medical schools by T Sen Gupta, R Murray, RB Hays and T Woolley.

Rural placements are effective for teaching medicine in Australia: evaluation of a cohort of students studying in rural placements by H Birden and I Wilson.

Why community members want to participate in the selection of students into medical school by P Stagg and D Rosenthal.

Medical students on long-term regional and rural placements: what is the financial cost to supervisors? by JN Hudson, K Weston and L Farmer.

Rural longitudinal integrated clerkships: lessons from two programs on different continents by I Couper, P Worley and R Strasser.

A new model to understand the career choice and practice location decisions of medical graduates by P Stagg, J Greenhill and P Worley.

Reported reasons of medical students for choosing a clinical longitudinal integrated clerkship in an Australian rural clinical school by H Denz-Penhey and JC Murdoch.

Do benefits accrue from longer rotations for students in Rural Clinical Schools? by H Denz-Penhey, S Shannon, JC Murdoch and J Newbury.

Parallel Rural Community Curriculum: is it a transferable model? by L Walters, P Worley and B Mugford.

Hypothetical model of the financial impact of student attachments on rural general practices by P Worley and P Kitto.

Transformation of medical education through Decentralised Training Platforms: a scoping review by M Mlambo, A Dreyer, R Dube, N Mapukata, I Couper and R Cooke.

The impact of medical students on rural general practitioner perceptors by L Walters, P Worley, D Prideaux, H Rolfe and C Keaney.

Can medical education in poor rural areas be cost-effective and sustainable: the case of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University School of Medicine by F Cristobal and P Worley.

From the bush to the big smoke - development of a hybrid urban community based medical education program in the Northern Territory, Australia by S Morgan, A Smedts, N Campbell, R Sager, M Lowe and S Strasser.

A community based, patient-centred, longitudinal medical curriculum by J Sturmberg, S Reid, JL Thacker and C Chamberlain.

Community engagement: a key to successful rural clinical education by R Strasser.

Guiding principles for successful innovation in regional medical education development by RB Hays.

Building a community of practice in rural medical education: growing our own together by R Longenecker and D Schmitz.

Rural medical education: five medical students spend a year in rural Port Lincoln, Australia by S Baillie, J Matena, J Yerxa and J Newbury.

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Rural Medicine and Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships
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