Claudio  Colosio

Prof Claudio Colosio

qualifications: Associate Professor of Occupational Health at the University of Milanio


Present Position: Associate professor of Occupational Health at the Department of Health Sciences of the University of Milan, and Director, Occupational Health Unit ad International Centre for Rural Health (WHO Collaborating Centre) of the Saints Paolo and Carlo Hospitals, Milano, Via San Vigilio 43, 20142 Milan (Italy) Phone: +39 0250323305 Mobile: +39 3401122183 E-mail: I am Chair of the Scientific Committee on Rural Health of the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH), and Vice President of the International Association of Agricultural Medicine and Rural Health (IAMR). Profile and scientific interests I am a medical doctor specialized in Occupational Health and a Researcher in the field of Public and Occupational Health. My main field of interest are: development of models and experiences of primary health care provision to rural workers. Detection of new and emerging occupational risk factors and diseases in agriculture. Biological monitoring of occupational and environmental exposure to xeniobiotics. Pesticides. I am author of publications on peer reviewed journal, book chapters and Congress Proceedings.

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