Correction, article no. 1520: Factors of primary care demand: a case study


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Jennifer Richmond
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* Jennifer Richmond


1 Rural and Remote Health


29 November 2010 Volume 10 Issue 4


RECEIVED: 29 November 2010

ACCEPTED: 29 November 2010


Richmond J.  Correction, article no. 1520: Factors of primary care demand: a case study . Rural and Remote Health 2010; 10: 1673.


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Rural and Remote Health readers are advised that the following correction has been made to:

Zubieta L, Bequet SAF. Factors of primary care demand: a case study. Rural and Remote Health 10: 1520. (Online) 2010. Available: 2 November 2010).

An error in the sequence of references 11 and 13-19 has been corrected.

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