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Preliminary report on the Australian Pharmacy Preceptor Education Program


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Susan Taylor
1 PhD, Senior Lecturer, Associate Dean (Rural) *


* Susan Taylor


1 Faculty of Pharmacy, The University of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


14 March 2006 Volume 6 Issue 1


RECEIVED: 7 February 2006

ACCEPTED: 14 March 2006


Taylor S.  Preliminary report on the Australian Pharmacy Preceptor Education Program. Rural and Remote Health 2006; 6: 558. https://doi.org/10.22605/RRH558


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Dear Editor

I am writing to let you know about a new resource now available for the preparation of health-care practitioners who supervise students on clinical placements.

The Australian Pharmacy Preceptor Education Program is an on-line program developed by a consortium formed between academic staff members of four Australian universities (Monash University, the University of Sydney, Charles Sturt University and the University of Tasmania). The aim of the program is to prepare pharmacists for the role of preceptor (a professional practitioner who facilitates learning and who can address the difference between the theory learned in the classroom setting and practice in the professional setting).

The development of the program and its content have been described in detail elsewhere 1. Although intended primarily for rural practitioners who are often unable to attend face-to-face courses, the program is available to all pharmacists with access to the internet. The program has been evaluated by the first cohort of participants. Minor modifications have been made in response to their feedback and now the program is ready for wider use. It is offered in twelve-week blocks and online discussions are moderated.

In addition, funds have been secured to develop a generic version of the program suitable for use by all health-care professionals. This version will not be available until 2007 but, in the meantime, groups of mixed practitioners are welcome to undertake the more pharmacy-specific program.

Further information about the program can be obtained by visiting the website http://www.preceptor.info/ or by emailing inquiries@preceptor.info.

Susan Taylor
Associate Dean, (Rural)
Faculty of Pharmacy
The University of Sydney
New South Wales, Australia


1. Marriott J, Taylor S, Simpson M et al. Australian national strategy for pharmacy preceptor education and support. Australian Journal of Rural Health 2005; 13: 83-95.

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