Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Life prevalence of upper respiratory tract diseases and asthma among children residing in rural area near a regional industrial park: cross-sectional study

Isabella  Karakis

Isabella Karakis

qualifications: PhD

contribution: designed the project

position: Lecturer

Environmental and occupational epidemiology, cancer morbidity and mortality related to infectious and environmental factors

Ella  Kordysh

Ella Kordysh

qualifications: MD, PhD

contribution: wrote the first draft

position: Senior researcher


Environmental epidemiology

Tally  Lahav

Tally Lahav

qualifications: MMedSci

contribution: collected data

position: Project assistant

Arkady  Bolotin

Arkady Bolotin

qualifications: PhD

contribution: statistical analysis

position: Researcher

Yael  Glazer

Yael Glazer

qualifications: MPH

contribution: input data

position: Research assistant

Hilel  Vardi

Hilel Vardi

qualifications: MSc

contribution: statistical analysis

position: Programmer

Ilana  Belmaker

Ilana Belmaker

qualifications: MD, MPH

contribution: contributed to drafts

position: Head, regional health office

Batia  Sarov

Batia Sarov

qualifications: MPH, PhD

contribution: original concept

position: Professor

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