Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Areca nut and betel quid chewing among South Asian immigrants to Western countries and its implications for oral cancer screening

Ajit  Auluck

Ajit Auluck

qualifications: MDS

position: Postgraduate student


I am working in field of oral cancer and particiapting in camps for oral cancer screening in rurual areas. I also had experiences of working in various school health programs and health education workshops and exhibitions.

Gregory  Hislop

Gregory Hislop

qualifications: MD

position: Senior scientist


Epidemiologist and health services research scientist. Research interests in cancer epidemiolgy, screening programs, cross cultural research, mixed methods.

Catherine  Poh

Catherine Poh

qualifications: PhD

position: Assistant professor


She is an oral pathologist, a clinician scientist with research focus on oral cancer prevention in the underserved and disadvantaged and optical tool-guided treatment for the high-risk oral precancers and cancers.

Lewei  Zhang

Lewei Zhang

qualifications: PhD

position: Professor

Miriam P Rosin

Miriam Rosin

qualifications: PhD

position: Director & professor

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