Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Developing a coordinated school health approach to child obesity prevention in rural Appalachia: results of focus groups with teachers, parents, and students

Karen E Schetzina

Karen Schetzina

qualifications: MD

position: Assistant Professor

William  Dalton III

William Dalton III

qualifications: PhD

position: Assistant Professor

United States

Dr. William T. Dalton III is an Assistant Professor at East Tennessee State University. Dr. Dalton is originally from Northeast MS. He completed a B.S. in Psychology at Mississippi State University, a M.A. in Clinical Psychology at Appalachian State University, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at University of Memphis where he received training in both child and family psychology and behavioral medicine. Dr. Dalton completed his Pre-Doctoral Internship with an emphasis in pediatric psychology at Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Texas Children's Hospital within Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Dalton continued training in pediatric psychology via a Post-Doctoral Fellowship with Texas Children's Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Dalton is involved with both undergraduate and graduate teaching as well as advising and mentoring students. He is a clinical faculty within the new Clinical Ph.D. Program with its emphasis on the integration of psychology into rural primary care settings. His research interests include health promotion and health risk behaviors among youth, pediatric overweight prevention/intervention in primary care, integration of family systems ideas into treatment of pediatric illnesses, and pediatric pill swallowing training.

Elizabeth F Lowe

Elizabeth Lowe

qualifications: MS

position: Assistant professor

Nora  Azzazy

Nora Azzazy

qualifications: MD

position: Resident

Katrina M vonWerssowetz

Katrina VonWerssowetz

qualifications: MBA, MPH

position: Medical student

Connie  Givens

Connie Givens

position: Director

Directing the Coordinated School Health)(CDC) ModelTennessee.k-12 parterning with ETSU College of Public Health and Rural Health Association of TN(RHAT)

Harold P Stern

Harold Stern

qualifications: MD

position: Professor

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