Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Prevalence and correlates of high body mass index in rural Appalachian children aged 6-11 years

Karen  Montgomery-Reagan

Karen Montgomery-Reagan

qualifications: DO

contribution: designed the project

position: Chair

Joseph  Bianco

Joseph Bianco

qualifications: PhD

contribution: lit review, wrote all drafts, interpreted results

position: Research assistant professor

United States

Psychotherapy process and outcome research Mental health services in primary care Health psychology interventions: chronic pain management, smoking cessation, diabetes managemen Trauma--health correlates, psychological treatment rural mental health pediatric obesity

Victor  Heh

Victor Heh

qualifications: PhD

contribution: statistical analysis

position: Biostatistician

Jean   Rettos

Jean Rettos

qualifications: DO

Rebecca S Huston

Rebecca Huston

qualifications: DO

position: Hospitalist, medical services

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