Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Diabetes education in the Appalachian region: providers' views

Sharon  Denham

Sharon Denham

qualifications: DSN

contribution: original concept

position: Professor

United States

My scholarship interests primarily pertain to family health, Appalachian culture and health disparities, and type 2 diabetes. I am a professor of nursing at Ohio University School of Nursing in Athens, Ohio, USA.

Karen  Remsberg

Karen Remsberg

qualifications: PhD

position: Assistant professor

United States

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology Research Interests: Chronic Disease Epidemiology, Gestational Diabetes and Postpartum Health, Health in the Appalachian Region, USA

Lawrence  Wood

Lawrence Wood

qualifications: PhD

position: Assistant professor

United States

My research interests include the relationships between media and development; the various dimensions of the digital divide; policy implementation; and issues broadly related to socioeconomic development, particularly in rural areas.

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