Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Maternal smoking at first prenatal visit as a marker of risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes in the Qikiqtaaluk (Baffin) Region

Kate  Mehaffey

Kate Mehaffey

qualifications: MD

contribution: wrote the first draft, literature review, statistical analysis

position: Family practitioner

Andrea  Higginson

Andrea Higginson

contribution: input data

position: Undergraduate student

Jason  Cowan

Jason Cowan

qualifications: MSc

contribution: collected data

position: Postgraduate student

Geraldine  Osborne

Geraldine Osborne

qualifications: MD

contribution: contributed to drafts, contributed relevant concepts for knowledge translation

position: Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health

Laura  Arbour

Laura Arbour

qualifications: MD

contribution: original concept, supervised data collection, contributed to drafts, supervised student projects for Maheffey, Cowan and Higginson

position: Associate professor


Research Interests: Aboriginal Health, Circumpolar Health Genetics, Birth defects, Maternal and child health

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