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Development of a Rural Asthma Management Model, RAMM

Angela   Crombie

Angela Crombie

qualifications: RN, MHlthSci

position: Research Officer

I am a registered nurse working as a research officer & nurse educator. I am particularly interested in mental health issues for older people and specialise in the management of behavioural & psychological symptoms of dementia

Ann-Maree  Conners

Ann-Maree Conners

qualifications: RN, RM, B. Hlth Sci, M. Hlth. Sci, MRCNA

position: Director


Director of Bendigo Health Care Group's Collaboraative health Education & Research Centre (CHERC). CHERC has three principle objectives, one in the area of staff development and education, one in health consultancies and the other in research. The research projects tend to focus on the effectiveness of current work practices, service co-ordination and delivery, and community health issues, with a view to achieving optimum health outcomes and service efficiency. CHERC is a business unit, and a substantial program of externally funded research and education has been developed. CHERC has developed a reputation in the development, implementation and evaluation of clinical pathways.

Tony  Snell

Tony Snell

qualifications: FRACP

position: Assoc Professor and Director

Michael  Oerlemans

Michael Oerlemans

qualifications: BA(Hons), MCogSci

position: Research Officer

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