Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Are medical student results affected by allocation to different sites in a dispersed rural medical school?

Tarun  Sen Gupta

Tarun Sen Gupta

qualifications: PhD

contribution: original concept

position: Chair of Medical Education


Tarun Sen Gupta is Director of Medical Education, and Professor of Health Professional Education at the James Cook University School of Medicine, Townsville, Australia. He was in rural practice in Richmond, north-west Queensland from 1987-1993, and has worked in rural medical education since 1993. He is a Co-Director of the Queensland Health Rural Generalist Pathway, a Director of the Postgraduate Medical Council of Queensland, and Chair of the ACRRM Assessment Committee.

Richard B Hays

Prof Richard Hays

qualifications: MD

position: Dean


medical education, rural health care, workforce

Gill  Kelly

Gill Kelly

qualifications: MS

position: Education officer


Originally from Liverpool in the UK where I worked as a public health intelligence analyst at Liverpool John Moores University, I now work in Brisbane at the University of Queensland. As a research officer in the Faculty of Health Sciences, I am looking into cancer incidence and mortality in psychiatric patients. I am researching the hypothesis psychiatric patients are diagnosed with cancer at a more advanced stage and / or they fail to access treatment services to the same degree as the general population. As a result, although they are no more likely to get cancer, they are far more likely to die from it. Previous roles have included Evaluation Coordinator in the School of Medicine & Dentistry at James Cook University in Townsville, far north Queensland; the only regional University in Australia offering medicine and dentistry. The curriculum focused heavily on rural and remote health and the School actively recruits students from regional, rural and remote areas of Australia as well as overseas. As a result, more than half of their graduates practice medicine outside of the main capital centres. I have also worked as a criminal intelligence analyst for the police.

Petra G Buettner

Petra Buettner

qualifications: PhD

position: Associate professor

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