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Oiling a neglected wheel: An investigation of adolescent internalising problems in rural South Australia

Kate  Papandrea

Kate Papandrea

qualifications: BPsych, BHlealthSc(Hons)

position: Postgraduate student

Kate Papandrea has Masters in Clinical Psychology and is in the final stages of a PhD at the University of Adelaide. Kate is conducting research into the risk and protective factors involved in adolescent mental health outcomes in both rural and metropolitan areas and aims to highlight the mental health needs of young people in rural areas in South Australia. Kate is empirically testing a theoretical framework, referred to as the Process Model, which aims to investigate not only what factors are involved in the development of mental health outcomes, but the underlying processes regarding how such factors operate.

Helen  Winefield

Helen Winefield

position: Professor

Andrew  Livingstone

Andrew Livingstone

position: Senior clinical psychologist


As the Discipline Senior Clinical Psychologist with the Rural and Remote Mental Health Service of South Australia, I provide support and supervision to psychologists in rural SA, including those conducting relevant research as well as clinical practitioners, and clinical psychology services to patients in the psychiatric Rural Inpatient Ward based at Glenside Campus. This service is well known for its routine use of videoconferencing to deliver clinical services.

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