Profiles And Contributions To This Article

'Even if we get one back here, it's worth it...': evaluation of an Australian Remote Area Health Placement Program

sandy  toussaint

Sandy Toussaint

qualifications: PhD

contribution: designed the project, collected data, wrote the first draft, literature review, designed the project, contributed to drafts

position: Adjunct professor in Social and Environmental Sciences and Honorary principal fellow

Sandy Toussaint is an anthropologist who has worked for several decades among Australian Indigenous groups, especially in the remote Kimberley region of northern Western Australia. She has published widely on matters related to the anthropology of cultural environments (water, land), health and medicine, and interdisciplinary cross-cultural inquiry. Sandy is an Adjunct Professor in Social and Environmental Inquiry at The University of Western Australia and Melbourne University.

Donna  Mak

Donna Mak

qualifications: MPH

contribution: original concept

position: professor and Head, Population and Preventive Health Domain

Dr Donna Mak Assoc Prof & Head Population and Preventive Health, School of Medicine, The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle Public Health Physician, Communicable Disease Contro, Department of Health, Western Australia

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