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Restoring humanity in health care through the art of compassion: an issue for the teaching and research agenda in rural health care

Sue  Shea

Sue Shea

qualifications: BSc(Hons)

position: Research fellow


Primary care in rural areas, long term disorders including diabetes and cardiovascular disease, recent initiatives such as patient and public involvement in research, compassionate care, psychosocial determinents of health and illness.

Christos D Lionis

Christos Lionis

qualifications: PhD

position: Professor


Since 1995 Christos Lionis has worked at the University of Crete Medical School, where he is Professor and Director of the Clinic of Social and Family Medicine. With a passion for the importance and the value of Family Medicine, Christos is actively involved in the development of Primary Care and General Practice in Greece. He currently co-ordinates a thriving GP research network on rural Crete, and is also responsible for the supervision of a number of PhD students in the fields of quality management and the formulation of guidelines for management of common disease and chronic conditions, factors contributing to cardiovascular disease, gastroenterology, mental health and morbidity in general practice. Prior to his employment at the University of Crete, Christos worked for 9 years as Manager and Medical Director of Spili Health Centre, obtaining experience as a clinician and researcher in the field of Primary Health Care and General Practice in a rural setting. For further information refer to the website of the Clinic of Social and Family Medicine (

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