Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Exploring the role of social capital in supporting a regional medical education campus

Patricia  Toomey

Patricia Toomey

qualifications: MSc

contribution: original concept, wrote the first draft, collected data

position: Postgraduate student

Neil  Hanlon

Neil Hanlon

qualifications: PhD

contribution: conceptual development, contributed to drafts, literature review

position: Associate professor

health geography, rural and remote service delivery, access and utilization, population health, regionalization and governance issues

Joanna  Bates

Joanna Bates

qualifications: MDCM, CCFP

contribution: contributed to drafts, co-lead on foundational pilot study

position: Professor


Gary  Poole

Gary Poole

qualifications: PhD

contribution: supervised data collection, contributed to drafts

position: Associate professor

Chris  Lovato

Chris Lovato

qualifications: PhD

contribution: designed the project, supervised data collection, contributed to drafts, co-lead on foundational pilot study

position: Associate professor

Research interests: evaluation studies, health services, medical education, cancer prevention

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