Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Using technology to deliver healthcare education to rural patients

Carol  McIlhenny

Carol McIlhenny

qualifications: BSN

contribution: collected data, supervised data collection, input data, wrote the first draft, contributed to drafts

position: Telehealth research specialist

United States

I currently work as a Telehealth Research Specialist. I am interested in developing Telehealth solutions for identified health access issues.

Brenda  Guzic

Brenda Guzic

qualifications: MSW, MHS

contribution: original concept, collected data, input data, contributed to drafts

position: Telehealth research specialist

Dawna R Knee

Dawna Knee

qualifications: BS

contribution: designed the project, contributed to drafts, design and upkeep of web portal

position: Technology coordinator

Camille M Wendekier

Camille Wendekier

qualifications: MSN

contribution: original concept, designed the project, contributed to drafts, literature review, devised survey tool

position: Nursing instructor

Barbara R Demuth

Barbara Demuth

qualifications: MSN

contribution: supervised data collection, contributed to drafts, designed the project

position: Assistant director for telehealth

Jay B Roberts

Jay Roberts

qualifications: MA

contribution: designed the project, contributed to drafts

position: Director

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