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A new clinic model for refugee health care: adaptation of cultural safety

Kathy  Reavy

Kathy Reavy

qualifications: PhD

position: Professor

Kathy Reavy, PhD, RN, is a Professor of Nursing at Boise State University in Boise, Idaho, USA. Kathy recently completed a research project evaluating a new clinic that provides prenatal and pediatric health care services and education for refugees resettled in the Boise area. Kathy teaches research classes on-line and on-campus.

Judith  Hobbs

Judith Hobbs

qualifications: BS, RN

position: Director

United States

Director of Saint Alphonsus CARE Maternal/Child Health Clinic in Boise, Idaho.

Mary  Hereford

Mary Hereford

qualifications: PhD

position: Associate professor

Kim  Crosby

Kim Crosby

qualifications: BS, RN

position: Registered nurse

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