Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Family support and the child as health promoting agent in the Arctic - "the Inuit way"

Ruth  Montgomery-Andersen

Ruth Montgomery-Andersen

qualifications: MPH

contribution: original concept, wrote the first draft, literature review

position: Postgraduate student


Ms. Montgomery-Andersen has participated in and collaborated in projects on health and health promotion in the Arctic, collaborating with (ICC) Inuit Circumpolar Council, (BIC) Bahá'í International Community and (NHV) the Nordic School of Public Health and the Government of Greenland since 2006.

Ina  Borup

Ina Borup

qualifications: PhD

contribution: contributed to drafts

position: Professor


Ina K. Borup (Dr PH) is associate professor affiliated the Nordic School of Public Health (NHV). My research mainly focuses on school children's health and health behaviour and their learning potential. Focus is on the children's perspective. I use quantitative as well as qualitative research methods especially "grounded theory". Other areas of interest are health promotion and concept analyses of concepts related to health promotion in order to develop theory.

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