Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Medical student characteristics predictive of intent for rural practice

Pam  Royston

Pam Royston

qualifications: MSA

contribution: original concept, literature review, designed the project, collected data

position: Undergraduate student

United States

I am interested in physician education both undergraduate and graduate levels. I am working to establish residency programs that will provide physicians to rural areas of the United States.

Kathleen  Mathieson

Kathleen Mathieson

qualifications: PhD

contribution: supervised data collection, Oversaw the development of the project

position: Faculty

Dr. Mathieson is faculty in the Doctor of Health Sciences program at A.T. Still University Arizona School of Health Sciences. At ATSU, Dr. Mathieson has collaborated on both quantitative and qualitative research in areas including distance education, occupational therapy, dental education, athletic training, rural health, and medical education. Dr. Mathieson also serves as the vice-chair of the ATSU-Arizona Institutional Review Board.

Joan  Leafman

Joan Leafman

qualifications: PhD

contribution: manuscript review and editing

position: Faculty

Olivia  Ojano Sheehan

Olivia Ojano Sheehan

qualifications: PhD

contribution: Content expert MBTI

position: Assistant director, Faculty Development

United States

Research interests include medical education, faculty development, and curriculum development.

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