Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Local provision of percutaneous coronary intervention increases stenting rates and reduces length of hospital stay in remote regional centre

Stephanie  Bruce

Stephanie Bruce

contribution: original concept, collected data, wrote the first draft

position: Medical student

Jamie AL Smith

Jamie Smith

qualifications: MRCP

contribution: original concept, contributed to drafts, collected data

position: Consultant cardiologist

Iain  Atherton

Iain Atherton

qualifications: PhD

contribution: statistical analysis, contributed to drafts

position: Lecturer

United Kingdom

I am a reader in nursing and health with a particular interest in demographic methods. My research interests include health and morbidity in later life and socio-economic inequalities.

Stephen James Leslie

Prof Stephen Leslie

qualifications: FRCP

contribution: original concept, designed the project, wrote the first draft, contributed to drafts

position: Consultant cardiologist

United Kingdom

Consultant interventional cardiologist with interest in heart failure, communication with patients and equitable access to clinical services in remote areas

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