Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Prevalence of musculoskeletal conditions, associated pain and disability and the barriers to managing these conditions in a rural, Australian Aboriginal community

Dein  Vindigni

Dein Vindigni

qualifications: MMedSci

position: Chiropractor in private practice


Interested in promoting the musculoskeletal health of Indigenous communities. Secretary Hands On Health Australia a world-wide not for profit organisation which provides voluntary health services and clinical skills training to communities that are struggling socially or financially.

D  Griffen

D Griffen

qualifications: -

position: Aboriginal Health Worker and Cardiovascular Worker

Janice  Perkins

Janice Perkins

qualifications: PhD

position: Head , Discipline of Behavioural Sciencein Relation to Medicine

Cliff  Da Costa

Cliff Da Costa

qualifications: PhD

position: Associate Professor, Statistics

Lynne  Parkinson

Lynne Parkinson

qualifications: PhD

position: Senior Research Fellow


Researcher in healthy ageing within the Centre for Research and Education in Ageing, at the University of Newcastle, NSW with a particular interest in health promotion for older people, in the broadest sense: improving nutrition, promoting physical activity, ensuring quality use of medicines, and psychological well-being for healthy ageing.

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