Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Referral by outreach specialist reduces hospitalisation costs of rural patients with digestive tract cancer: a report from medical consortium in China

shi  ge

Shi Ge

qualifications: PhD

contribution: wrote the first draft

position: Assistant professor

Bin  Zhou

Bin Zhou

qualifications: MBA

contribution: supplied data

position: Vice-president

Zhi-Chang  Cai

Zhi-Chang Cai

qualifications: MPA

contribution: collected data

position: Vice-president

Tao  Wu

Tao Wu

qualifications: MD

contribution: contributed to drafts

position: Director

Xian-Feng  Li

Xian-Feng Li

qualifications: PhD

Wei-Guo  Xu

Wei-Guo Xu

qualifications: MD, PhD

contribution: original concept

position: President

I am the president of the teaching hospital in Shanghai,China.The research interests of our team is integrated delivery system.

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