Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Accountable care organizations: benefits and barriers as perceived by Rural Health Clinic management

Judy  Ortiz

Judy Ortiz

qualifications: PhD

position: Research associate

United States

Interprofessional education

Angeline  Bushy

Angeline Bushy

qualifications: PhD

position: Professor, Bert Fish Endowed Chair

United States

My area of interst is rural health issues in general, and nursing in particular. I have done research on several at risk and vulnerable populations who live and work in rural regions of the United States. I am interested in collaborating with researchers outside of the US, and who also are focusing on rural health-related issues. Angeline Bushy

Yue  Zhou

Yue Zhou

qualifications: MS

position: Graduate research assistant

Hong  Zhang

Hong Zhang

qualifications: MS

position: Graduate research assistant

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