Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Health and access issues among Australian adolescents: a rural-urban comparison

Susan  Quine

Susan Quine

qualifications: PhD

position: Associate Professor


Susan Quine is Associate Professor in Social Health in the School of Public Health, within the Faculty of Medicine, at the University of Sydney. She teaches Social Research Methods in the Master of Public Health and Master of International Public Health and also to the rural students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Population Health Research Methods living in rural and remote parts of NSW. Susan also teaches qualitative research methods and how to combine quantitative with qualitative methods in health research. For the last 30 years she has worked in the area of inequalities in health and has a particuarl interest in the health of disadvantage groups.

Diana  Bernard

Diana Bernard

qualifications: MPH

position: Project Officer

Michael  Booth

Michael Booth

qualifications: PhD

position: Senior Research Fellow

Melissa  Kang

Melissa Kang

qualifications: MCH

position: Coordinator

Tim  Usherwood

Tim Usherwood

qualifications: MDBS

position: Professor

Garth  Alperstein

Garth Alperstein

qualifications: MPH

position: Area Community Paediatrician

David  Bennett

David Bennett

qualifications: MBBS

position: Director/Clinical associate professor

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