Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Findings and lessons learned from a multi-partner collaboration to increase cervical cancer prevention efforts in Bolivia

Analia  Stormo

Analia Stormo

qualifications: BSc

contribution: original concept, designed the project, wrote the first draft, literature review, original concept

position: Research fellow

United States

David  Espey

David Espey

qualifications: MD

contribution: original concept, designed the project, wrote the abstract

position: Senior epidemiologist

Jeffrey  Glenn

Jeffrey Glenn

qualifications: MS

contribution: contributed to drafts

position: Policy analyst

Elisa  Lara-Prieto

Elisa Lara-Prieto

qualifications: MD

position: Program support specialist

Amanda  Moreno

Amanda Moreno

qualifications: MD

position: Physician

Fernando  Nuñez

Fernando Nuñez

qualifications: MD

position: Program specialist

Haydee  Padilla

Haydee Padilla

qualifications: Bachelor of science

position: Program manager

Alan  Waxman

Alan Waxman

qualifications: MD

position: Professor

Lisa  Flowers

Lisa Flowers

qualifications: MD

position: Associate professor

Carlos  Santos

Carlos Santos

qualifications: MD

position: Physician

Milton  Soria

Milton Soria

qualifications: MD

position: Pathologist

Silvana  Luciani

Silvana Luciani

qualifications: Master degree

position: Advisor

Mona  Saraiya

Mona Saraiya

qualifications: MD, MPH

position: Medical officer & Director

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