Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Management systems response to improving immunization coverage in developing countries: a case study from Cambodia

Sann Chan  Soeung

Sann Chan Soeung

qualifications: MBBS

position: Senior Project Officer, Mekong Program

John  Grundy

John Grundy

qualifications: MTropHlth

position: Manager, National Immunization Program


John Grundy (BA,MPH) has a background in remote area community health in Australia, and as a project manager for health development projects in the Asian region (14 years international experience in Cambodia, the Philippines, North Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Myanmar and Malaysia). John has been involved as an academic with public health training and research in the university sector in Australia. He is currently a health systems and immunization consultant affiliated with the Nossal Institute for Global Health at the University of Melbourne, and is based in Cambodia. He has published articles on the subject of health management and immunization in the Asian region in peer reviewed literature, and also on the subjects of health promotion and primary health care research.

Beverley-Ann  Biggs

Beverley-Ann Biggs

qualifications: MBBS

position: Director, Mekong Program

Marian  Boreland

Marian Boreland

qualifications: BA

position: Manager, Mekong Program

Jeff  Cane

Jeff Cane

qualifications: NA

position: Human Resource Consultant

Chham  Samnang

Chham Samnang

qualifications: MBBS

position: National Project Officer, Children's Vaccine Program

Jim  Maynard

Jim Maynard

qualifications: MBBS

position: Technical Director, Children's Vaccine Program

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