Profiles And Contributions To This Article

A comparative analysis of policies addressing rural oral health in eight English-speaking OECD countries

Leonard  Crocombe

Leonard Crocombe

qualifications: PhD

contribution: original concept, designed the project, literature review, contributed to drafts

position: Associate Professor


My main reaserch focus is into rural oral health.

Lynette  Goldberg

Lynette Goldberg

qualifications: PhD

contribution: literature review, contributed to drafts

position: Senior Lecturer

My background is in speech pathology. My research interests focus on interprofessional investigations into oral health, swallowing, and related nutritional issues in adults with dementia, and effective methods of preventive care.

Erica  Bell

Erica Bell

qualifications: PhD

contribution: original concept, wrote the first draft

position: Former Associate Professor (deceased)


Dr Erica Bell works as a research fellow in the Hobart office of the University Department of Rural Health, University of Tasmania. She is involved in a broad range of collaborative projects, including rural health education, youth residential rehabilitation service delivery, and falls prevention for older clients. Recently a paper she wrote on self-management of chronic diseases was accepted by the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine. She has led many projects involving diverse educators, community and stakeholder groups, producing over forty publications that have helped develop policy and practices in the post-compulsory education sectors. She has been a secretariat member on ministerial reviews of education, and was one of two consultants who produced Australia's first national guidelines on assessment quality and equity for the Australasian Curriculum, Assessment and Certification Authorities.

Bastian  Seidel

Bastian Seidel

qualifications: MD, PhD

contribution: contributed to drafts

position: General Practitioner

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