Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Women's health care: the experiences and behaviors of rural and urban lesbians in the USA

K. Nikki  Barefoot

K. Nikki Barefoot

qualifications: PsyD

position: Postdoctoral Research Associate

United States

Dr. Nikki Barefoot is the Assistant Director of the Rural Health Research Institute at Georgia Southern University. Her research focuses on rural and LGBT health disparities.

Jacob  Warren

Jacob Warren

qualifications: PhD

position: Director

United States

Dr. Jacob Warren is Endowed Chair and Director of the Center for Rural Health and Health Disparities in the Mercer University School of Medicine's Department of Community Medicine. His research focuses on health disparities in rural, LGBT, and other underserved populations.

K. Bryant  Smalley

K. Bryant Smalley

qualifications: PhD PsyD

position: Executive director

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