Profiles And Contributions To This Article

The conducting and reporting of rural health research: rurality and rural population issues

Anske  Robinson

Anske Robinson

qualifications: BA(Hons)

position: Research Assistant

Projects are: Rural Health Research Register, LISARRH (Literature Information Service for Australian Rural and Remote Health), Health and Information Technology.

Mollie  Burley

Mollie Burley

qualifications: Grad.DipBus (Mgmnt)

position: Lecturer


I am rural nurse who has been working in the rural health area for the last 12 years. My particular focus is Advanced Nursing Practice, Nurse Practitioners and Bush Nurses / Remote Area Nurses. Over the last four years I have been working with two ICN networks. I am a Core Steering Group member and secretary for the NP/APN network and a Core Steering Group member for the newly formed International Rural and Remote Nurses Network.

Matthew  McGrail

Matthew McGrail

qualifications: BSc(Hons)

position: Lecturer


I am a senior research fellow with Monash University School of Rural Health, based at the Churchill campus of the graduate entry medical program. My research interests are focused on rural workforce, healthcare access, evidence-based health policy and rural migration/amenity.

Marlene  Drysdale

Marlene Drysdale

qualifications: MEd(Aboriginal)

position: Associate Professor

Rebecca  Jones

Rebecca Jones

qualifications: MA

position: Research Fellow

Claire M Rickard

Claire Rickard

qualifications: PhD

position: Lecturer

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