Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Knowledge, attitude and practices on diabetes, hypertension and diabetic retinopathy and the factors that motivate screening for diabetes and diabetic retinopathy in a pyramidal model of eye health care

Sneha  Lingam

Sneha Lingam

qualifications: BSc

contribution: designed the project, devised survey tool, literature review, supplied data, collected data, supervised data collection, statistical analysis, wrote the first draft

position: Student

Padmaja K Rani

Padmaja Rani

qualifications: M.S FNB (retina)

contribution: original concept, designed the project, devised survey tool, contributed to drafts

position: Ophthalmologist

Sethu  Sheeladevi

Sethu Sheeladevi

qualifications: PhD

contribution: designed the project, contributed to drafts

position: Public Health Specialist

Vimala  Kotapati

Vimala Kotapati

qualifications: BA

contribution: supplied data, collected data, supervised data collection, input data

position: Field Investigator

Taraprasad  Das

Taraprasad Das

qualifications: FRCS

contribution: contributed to drafts, editing the manuscriot, designed the project

position: Vice Chair

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