Profiles And Contributions To This Article

Chronic heart failure beyond city limits

Robyn  Clark

Robyn Clark

qualifications: MEd

contribution: designed the project

position: PhD Scholar


Prof Robyn Clark Professor of Nursing Acute Care & Cardiovascular Research RN, RM, ICUCert, Dip AppSci, BN, MEd, PhD, ACCCN (Life Member),FCNA, FAHA. Adjunct Prof School of Nursing and Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI) QUT |Adjunct Sansom Institute, UniSA. Research Fellow SAHMRI. Research Interests: CVD, Heart Failure, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Telehealth, Geographical Information Systems, Indigenous Health

Skye  McLennan

Skye McLennan

qualifications: BAHons(Psych)

contribution: supplied data

position: Research Assistant


Skye is a PhD scholar in the Division of Health Sciences at the University of South Australia. Her background training is in clinical psychology. She is researching clinical and epidemiological aspects of heart failure in Australia, with a particular focus on the effects that heart failure has on the brain and on cognitive function.

Kerena  Eckert

Kerena Eckert

qualifications: MPH

contribution: statistical analysis

position: Research Fellow


Employed as an epidemiologist. Research interest - The epidemiology of rural and remote health in South Australia.

Anna  Dawson

Anna Dawson

qualifications: BAAppSc(Physio)

contribution: supplied data

position: Research Assistant


Anna is currently undertaking her PhD in the Division of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland investigating the predictors of spinal pain in the nursing profession.

David  Wilkinson

David Wilkinson

qualifications: DSc

contribution: contributed to drafts

position: Professor of General Practice and Head of School of Medicine


David Wilkinson Deputy Head of the School of Medicine and Professor of Primary Care at The University of Queensland.

Simon  Stewart

Simon Stewart

qualifications: PhD

contribution: original concept

position: Chair of Cardiovascular Nursing

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